Tea Tuesday: Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal Tea, from Stash

cinnamonvanillateaI’m going to start off by saying that this tea has been a huge hit in this house. We expected it to be good. We didn’t expect it to be so ridiculously addictive! Stash’s Cinnamon Vanilla herbal tea is one that I’m going to miss if/when I can’t find it in stores anymore or they discontinue it.

As soon as you open the individually-sealed bags you can smell the cinnamon, which at first seems like it’s going to utterly overpower the vanilla. While steeping, this tea makes my kitchen smell like delicious cookies are baking nearby.

Most herbal teas I drink without sugar and definitely without milk. I tried a bit of sugar at first, and it tasted fine, but the flavours didn’t quite blend the way I’d hoped. I tried adding milk to see if that helped, and did it ever! The flavours of cinnamon and vanilla blended really well and turned nice and mellow, still with a strong cinnamon flavour but with a stronger vanilla flavour to balance it out, leaving a mild and pleasant cinnamon aftertaste. I drink it more like I do a black tea than an herbal one, really. The base is rooibos, so however you tend to drink that kind of tea will likely be the way you most enjoy drinking Stash’s cinnamon vanilla variety.

I really can’t get enough of this stuff. The scent is great, the flavour is soothing, and 1 box in a household of heavy tea drinkers really isn’t enough. Definitely a tea worth trying, if you can find some; I highly recommend this blend!

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