Books Read in 2022

Last year absolutely sucked for reading. I set myself a very easy goal, reading only 50 books, and I failed to accomplish that. I only read 34. And a significant number of those were re-reads, to boot.

Not that there’s anything wrong with re-reads. I do it all the time. Comfort re-reads are a fantastic thing. But some of the re-reads were because I was just worn out, and some were because I experienced a weird period where if I tried to make my brain imagine things it hadn’t encountered before, I would start to dissociate.

That was about as fun as it sounds…

So even if it was only relatively few books, and my worst reading year since I started bookblogging, I figured I’d go over the books I read here.

Expiration Day, by William Campbell Powell – re-read
The Children’s Blizzard, by Melanie Benjamin
Crowbones, by Anne Bishop
Among Other, by Jo Walton – re-read
Lake Silence, by Anne Bishop – re-read
The Easy Life in Kamusari, by Miura Shion – review copy
Written in Red, by Anne Bishop – re-read
Murder of Crows, by Anne Bishop – re-read
What Did You Eat Yesterday, vol 1, by Yoshinaga Fumi – manga, review copy
Vision in Silver, by Anne Bishop – re-read
Marked in Flesh, by Anne Bishop – re-read
Huda F Are You, by Huda Fahmy – graphic novel
Etched in Bone, by Anne Bishop – re-read
Briarheart, by Mercedes Lackey
The Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking, by T Kingfisher
The Graveyard Apartment, by Koike Mariko – re-read
Cornucopia, by Alek L Cristea – proofread
A Study in Scarlet Women, by Sherry Thomas
A Conspiracy in Belgravia, by Sherry Thomas
Breakout, by Alek L Cristea – proofread
The Grief of Stones, by Katherine Addison – review copy
The Thorn of Dentonhill, by Marshall Ryan Maresca – re-read
A Murder of Mages, by Marshall Ryan Maresca – re-read
The Holver Alley Crew, by Marshall Ryan Maresca – re-read
The Alchemy of Chaos, by Marshall Ryan Maresca – re-read
Lonely Castle in the Mirror, by Tsujimura Mizuki – review copy
Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik
House of Hunger, by Alexis Henderson – review copy
Dreams Made Flesh, by Anne Bishop – audiobook, re-read
Into the West, by Mercedes Lackey – review copy
Magic’s Pawn, by Mercedes Lackey – re-read
Magic’s Promise, by Mercedes Lackey – re-read
Magic’s Price, by Mercedes Lackey – re-read
Exile’s Honor, by Mercedes Lackey – re-read

Links go to my original review here, anything highlighted in purple is a review copy that I’ll be writing up a shortish review for in the near future. Won’t exactly be a huge post, since only 6 of those books on the list were review copies (well, technically 2 of the Marshall Ryan Maresca novels were also review copies that I swore I reviewed ages ago but apparently not…), but even so. I need to get back into reviewing, even if my reviews may not be as in-depth as they used to be. Chronic illness just means I don’t have as much energy and brainspace as I used to, and what I do have needs to be more carefully managed between other projects that I have going.

I’m aiming to actually read 50 books in 2023. Let’s see if I can manage it this time, or whether it will be another failure.

I hope you all had very good reading years last year! Tell me which book(s) you enjoyed most, so I can add them to my ever-expanding To Read list!

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