Hi! If you’ve clicked on this page, chances are you’re maybe possibly sorta interested in supporting what I do here. This is awesome, and I thank you for it!

So, why support me? What have I done that might be worth supporting?

To date, I have written over 400 book reviews for science fiction and fantasy novels, was a judge for for Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off for 2 years (okay, technically more like a year and a half), and have written a variety of articles on a variety of topics, such a books, reviewing, mental health, and diversity in literature. I have written guest posts for other blogs, such as, “On Genre and Gender” for Bookworm Blues. I contributed some reviews and participated in a few Mind Melds at SF Signal, when the site was still active. Lately I’ve been doing an in-depth chapter-by-chapter examination of Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels novels.

Less on the “what I do” side, I struggle with some chronic physical health issues, as well as mental health issues. That’s not a reason in itself to support a person, admittedly, but it is part of the story, and they’re a contributing factor in why I set up this support page in the first place. Some of those issues make it difficult for me to find and maintain employment, as they limit the kind of work I can do without causing damage to myself.

Supporting me would let me continue to do what I have been doing, with a little bit less stress so that I don’t get burned out or sick or have a mental health crisis. It would give me that little bit of breathing space so that I could work on other projects without wearing myself out, projects I know I’d enjoy and I suspect others would enjoy.

What I do here is never going to be hidden behind some sort of paywall, and support like that is never going to be mandatory. But if you like what I do and want to show your support by sending a couple of bucks through PayPal, or buying me a virtual coffee through Ko-Fi, then that is much appreciated!

Happy reading!