Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

These are links to my reviews of all the books in the final round of judging for each year. The winner has the title in bold.

SPFBO 2015 Finalists

A Soul for Trouble, by Crista McHugh
City of Burning Shadows, by Barbara J Webb
What Remains of Heroes, by David Benem
Shattered Sands, by W G Saraband
Under a Colder Sun, by Greg James
Bloodrush, by Ben Galley
The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids, by Michael McClung
The Weight of a Crown, by Tavish Kaeden
Priest, by Matthew Colville
Sins of a Sovereignty, by Plague Jack

SPFBO 2016 Finalists

Fionn: Defence of Rath Bladhma, by Brian O’Sullivan
Larcout, by K A Krantz
Paternus, by Dyrk Ashton
The Moonlight War, by S K S Perry
Outpost, by K T McKinstry
The Music Box Girl, by K A Stewart
The Path of Flames, by Phil Tucker
The Grey Bastards, by Jonathan French
Assassin’s Charge, by Claire Frank
The Shadow Soul, by Kaitlyn Davis

6 comments on “Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

  1. On behalf of all those of us in the 250+ list, thanks for the effort you’re putting into your list. I know your authors will appreciate any feedback you can provide, even the hard-to-take comments. It’s the only way to grow.

  2. I would like to second Rob V.’s comments. I love positive feedback, I crave criticism, but I may just be a masochistic weirdee! It lets me know where I need to improve. Your time for all of us right now is a blessing. Thank you!

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  4. Hello Ria! Thanks for all your hard work. There was actually a typo on Mark’s page for the contest. My author is name is “J. Edward Ritchie” not just “Edward Ritchie.” I hope you enjoy Fall From Grace!

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