Kersten Hamilton’s “Tyger Tyger” is currently free!

600x280_2It’s thanks to Kersten Hamilton that I discovered NetGalley in the first place, and thus she was instrumental in helping me really advance in the world of bookblogging and reviewing. I have no idea if she knows how much her first email to me and her book recommendation helped start me on the path to the place I am today.

But in thanks to her, I want to take a moment to announce that her Goblin Wars series is doing really well! The final book is out, good reviews are pouring in, and in celebration of this, the first book in the series, Tyger Tyger, is currently free on iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, until November 5. If you’re curious as to what I thought about the book, check out my (very old) review here.

Free Ebook – The Whitefire Crossing, by Courtney Schafer

Β  If you haven’t read Courtney Schafer’s The Whitefire Crossing (my review here), then you’re missing out. And at the moment, you’ve got no reason to miss out, because for a limited time, the ebook version is available on for free! Seriously, don’t miss your chance to get your hand on this, and the newly-released sequel (The Tainted City) while you can! It’s a must-have series for fantasy fans.

Free readin’!

If anybody has an account on NetGalley and is interested in the Artemis Fowl books, Disney-Hyperion is currently allowing the first 6 books to be requested. No waiting period, no approval; they’re all “Read Now” books! So if you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to get your hands on this series, what better excuse is there than this? (In exchange for honest reviews, of course.)

Celebrate Read-an-Ebook Week

Smashwords makes it easy to celebrate Read-an-Ebook Week by having a sale. Plenty of ebooks by indie and self-published authors are discounted between now and March 10th, some as low as 100% off. Yup, free books. Who complains at that option?

So if you’re open to self-published authors, now might be a perfect chance to increase your library and find some new literary loves! This sale is only going until March 10th, and new books go on sale each day, so check back often to see what’s available.

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Free Reading!

A couple of good books are currently free from Amazon is you get the Kindle edition. Take advantage of these great deals while you can; it isn’t every day that you can get such great books for free!


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Free Kindle book, and a bit of a giggle

A while ago, I posted about getting a copy of Martha Wells’s The Serpent Sea, and only realizing too late that it was the second book in a series. Not to worry, I said to myself. I can save up and buy a copy of the first one. Even if not now, then at some point in the semi-near future.

So imagine my joy to wake up this morning and find out that The Cloud Roads, that first book in the series, is currently free for the Kindle on Since I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book and its author, this is also a great chance for people to give her a try and see what they think without risking anything in the bargain.

Today’s giggle will be of particular interest to people who’ve played Skyrim for longer than half an hour. Really, I think just about everybody’s made some sort of joke about this!

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Freebies abound!

Smashwords is having it’s Summer Sale between now and July 31, and there are some amazing discounts to be had. For example, following the link above will lead you right to their “longs” section (25,000 words and over) with a 100% rebate when you use code SSWSF at the checkout. If you enjoy self-published novels or want a good chance to give some of them a try, now’s your chance for big savings and a whole load of new e-books. Don’t miss out!

(Keep in mind, the list of books with a 100% rebate is not short. It is, in fact, a whopping 64 pages long! Set aside some time to go through them all and see what’s there that you might like. What do you have to lose?)

(And for the curious, I combed through only 35 pages of books and made out with around $100 in e-books for absolutely no charge at all, thanks to this sale. Seriously, check it out before the end of the month. There’s bound to be something there that you’ll enjoy!)

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The best things in life are free

Thanks to browsing a few other book review blogs these past few days, I’ve come across some great free pieces of writing. Occasionally I come across an offer for an entire free e-book, which is perfect since I’m still short on cash (no job yet, folks, so I’m still broke), and even though I still have many books on my backlog, I’m not opposed to adding a few more if I think they’ll be worth reading.

(One such offer is a free copy of Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl, which you can get in .pdf format by sending an email to

Most often the freebies come in the form of sample chapters for upcoming novels. Definitely a great thing to offer, but since until I get a job I won’t be able to buy said new novel, I’m not going to tease myself by reading the sample chapters. I just know I’ll get hooked on the story and then won’t be able to buy the entire book, and it’ll nag at the back of my mind. No need to torture myself, at least not that much.

But what I really enjoy are the free short stories. There’s always time for a short story, I don’t have to commit myself to torturous glimpses of books I can’t afford, and it introduces me to authors I may not have heard of yet.

With that in mind, I’d like to plug two fantasy and sci-fi short stories I came across recently.

  • The Narcomancer, by N. K. Jemisin
  • Ghost Technology From the Sun, by Paul Jessup

    Definitely worth a read.

    Now I think I’ll go curl up in bed and hope that reading will distract me from my nausea. There’s nothing like being sick, that’s for certain.