Cover Art: The Pirate’s Wish, by Cassandra Rose Clarke

The cover art for Cassandra Rose Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse was one that really caught my eye, with the flowing design and cool colour tones that really looked enticing.

Now the design is out for the sequel, The Pirate’s Wish. We’ve got a sneak peak at the wraparound image for the cover art here.

I like it, though not as much as I liked the cover for the first book. I definitely like the black patterned border, which fits very well with the setting of the novel. But the central image of what looks like a manticore (or similar creature), in its stark black and standing out from the background where the pirate ship of the first cover blended in smoothly because of the choice of colour scheme, I’m not so fond of. It fits the theme, but it doesn’t flow quite as well as the first one did, I think.

And oddly, I kind of hope that what looks like a water stain on the back portion of the cover is intentional and not an error. It lends it the feel of an old piece of work, an artifact from the world contained within the book itself, and I like that effect.

Still, some wonderful art that fits very well either the world and the art from the previous novel. Overall, I like it!

(Now let’s hope that nobody decides this all needs a makeover and does some photoshoot of a Middle Eastern girl and a black-clad assassin gazing at each other across the cover.)