2021 Year-End Post (Personal)

Good freaking crap, this year has been a decade!

Come to think of it, it feels like last year was a decade too.

This decadism has to stop…

Honestly, though, 2021 has been a rough year on a personal level. Not just because of the ongoing pandemic and people’s reactions or non-reactions to it (though I won’t lie, that’s part of it) but just sort of in general. So I thought I’d update people on what has happened, since judging by WordPress’s stats, people still actually come here for some reason.

~ First off, I think I absolutely failed my blogging and reading goals. I initially intended to read 52 books, which is usually pretty achievable for me, but as the year went on it became clear that I just couldn’t. The funny thing about whatever the heck if going on with me is that it can play merry hell with my energy levels, and there were weeks and months where I didn’t really have the brain space to do much beyond mindlessly watching YouTube videos that I’d already seen before. Books? Hahaha, no, that requires effort, because I need to concentrate on making words make sense.

So yeah, I only ended up reading 35 books instead of 52. That’s the least I’ve ever read in a year. I feel pretty lousy about that.

~ I posted back in July that my partner for a new job, teaching medical lab science at the very college where they originally were taught medical lab science to begin with! I said in that post that we would likely be moving in a month, since the job was in another city.

Yeah, so, we didn’t end up moving until November…

The housing market here in wild right now, with people from richer provinces buying up the comparatively cheaper houses here, renting them out with ridiculous prices (sometimes jacking up the rent for existing tenants by 50% or more), which has in turn jacked up the rent for everywhere else. We were looking for a 2-bedroom place that had a bathtub and preferably a dishwasher, and one that had fewer stairs than where we’d been living before. That we could afford. It took us until November to find one that had 2 bedrooms and a bathtub, but the rest, nah, we didn’t get that. We live in a basement apartment, and no matter whether we use the front or back door, we have to walk up a flight and then down a flight of stairs.

Which isn’t great when I have days when sometimes it’s a struggle to walk to the kitchen.

I don’t go out much anymore…

But it’s what we could afford, and before that, my partner was living with family and driving back to me on weekends to help me take care of what I couldn’t handle on my own through the week. Which was a lot of things. It wasn’t a pleasant situation all around, so we really couldn’t afford to be super picky. We needed a place that would mostly work and that we could pay for and we’d just deal with the rest.

~ Also, our beloved cat Jakob, 18 years old, passed away. His health was declining, he wasn’t happy most of the time, and even though that was months ago, it still hurts like a kick to the chest.

~ And now it’s been almost a solid year since my dad disowned me. So, there’s that too.

~ So yeah, between all of that, and my continuing-to-decline health, 2021 has felt like a hell of a year. It’s not that no good things happened at all. But there was a lot of grief, a lot of struggle, and sometimes it feels like the bad vastly overshadowed the good…

But it’s not like there was no good at all.

~ I did still read 35 books, and even if I didn’t read 52, some is better than none. My YouTube channel, The Potato Witch, has grown significantly, even if I can’t make videos as often as I want to. (But you should all go subscribe right now because I aim to make more videos focusing on the amazing stories of fantastic RPGs, and stories are what we’re all about here, right?) I’ve gotten back into crafting in a big way. Life isn’t devoid of all happiness, even if sometimes it can feel like a struggle to keep going.

So, with that in mind, I kinda want to semi-revive my habits of posting here. I’ve been doing sort of mini-reviews of books over on Instagram, but sometimes I do miss longer reviews of the kind I used to do here. But I also want to use this blog to talk more about my life, what I’m doing, cool stuff I learned, things I’m proud of making, etc. I mean, what’s stopping me? It’s my damn blog. I can do what I want here!

Come for the book reviews, stay for photos of tapestry weaving and ramblings about how interesting the history of tea is.

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