Call for Guest Posts

With the new year coming up, I want to focus on providing more and varied content for Bibliotropic. Reviews are all well and good, and probably won’t be stopping any time soon, but there’s more to a bibliophile’s life than just book reviews.

That’s why I’m putting out the call for guest posts. I have plenty of free spots available here over the coming year, and I want to give you your chance to get a little bit of extra publicity for your work.

There are 2 types of posts that I’m interested in hosting.

Posts from SFF writers

Writers great and small, I want you to talk about some of the inspiration behind what you’re writing now or what you’ve recently written. And by this, I don’t mean stuff about how you’ve written stories since you were a kid and finally got the gumption to go for publication, or how you started writing because your kid loved the bedtime stories you told them. Stories like that are important, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not what I’m looking for here.

No, what I’m looking for is more along the lines of, “I wanted to write a fantasy novel set in a world based on Estonia during the Iron Age, and the reason for that is…” Or, “So my fantasy novel involves a society making the switch to coin money for the first time; humans have really only be using money as we know it for about 3000 years.” Tell me cool stuff about Iron Age Estonia. Tell me cool stuff about how money first came into being. Tell me why that inspired you to the point where you wanted to put it in your novel, or novella, or short story collection. Get me, and other readers, as passionate about these cool things are you are. Make people want to buy and read your book because you made your inspiration sound that interesting!

Don’t forget to include links to where people can buy your book(s), too.

Posts from other creative types

There are so many creative people out there, in the bibliosphere, who don’t always get a chance to have their work highlighted because their work, to be blunt, isn’t a book. We all love books, after all. But you know what else we love? Candles with scents inspired by scenes from your favourite fantasy novels. Jewellery inspired by your favourite sci-fi movie characters. Quilts with pixel-art patterns of characters from video games you love. If it’s geeky, and crafty, I want to see your work. I want to showcase your work. Book-related is preferable, but I’m not about to turn down a post because you knit scarves inspired by SFF TV shows instead of SFF books. I want you to pick some of your best work, the stuff you want to show off to the world, and tell me why you made it. What prompted you to make that cool geeky piece of art? I want to hear all about your creative works.

And yes, if you sell your work online, absolutely include links to your store pages!

Folks, after the hellscape that was 2020, I really want to boost the signals of so many creative people. I want to give them a platform where they can inspire others, and talk about something that interested them enough to create based on it, and I want to (hopefully) help them get a few more sales, a few more fans. This year has been hard enough on us all, and I want 2021 to be better, and if I can do that by giving over some blog space to a little promotion for those of us whose creative endeavours might otherwise go unnoticed, then all the better.

If you’ve got something you want to contribute to this project, then shoot me an email (bibliotropicDOTreviewsATgmailDOTcom) to discuss it, set up a date for your post, all that good stuff. I really look forward to hearing about the things that inspire your work.

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