Run-Up-to-Halloween Readathon

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve settled in for a good readathon. I think the last time I seriously attempted one was when I had lost my job and thought of doing a massive reading binge to cheer myself up. The time before that was health-related downtime. And the time before that. And the time before that…

It seems I’m drawn to readathons when my health sucks, is what I’m saying.

So what better time to launch into a new one than when my health sucks once again!?

I said before that I’ve been having trouble concentrating due to brain fog, and that my reading has suffered as a result. That hasn’t changed, but I still want to tackle a challenge, to push myself in a way that still lets me get a decent amount of rest. A readathon during the week leading up to Halloween seemed like just the thing! A chance to just read without feeling guilty about how I should probably be doing something else, something more productive with my limited time and energy, and you know what? No. No, I shouldn’t. I should be resting, I should be trying to not cause myself more harm than good, and frankly, I should probably be making my way through more of the review copies I have on backlog.

Seems like as good a reason as any to challenge myself to a week of reading!

So, what’s on the chopping block for this coming week?

~ Finish reading Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land
~ Read Evan Winter’s The Fires of Vengeance
~ Read Seanan McGuire’s Come Tumbling Down
~ Read P Djeli Clark’s Ring Shout
~ Read Juniji Ito’s Remina
~ Read Kousuke Satake’s The Witch and the Beast, vol 1

2 novels, 2 novellas, and 2 manga volumes. Might not seem like much, especially compared to what I used to be able to read in a week when I put my mind to i, but I’ll be quite happy with myself if I can finish all of these by Halloween.

Wish me luck, friends, and if you want to join in this little Run-Up-to-Halloween Readathon, link me to your blog posts in the comments and I’ll check out what’s on your To Read stack!

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