Tea Tuesday: Chocolate Peppermint Tea, from King Cole

It’s the first Tea Tuesday of the year, and today I’m bringing you a limited edition holiday tea that I really wish wasn’t so limited edition, because it’s delicious and addictive. King Cole’s Chocolate Peppermint Tea.

chocolatemintteaIt’s a black tea, which means that it’s got that bitterness to it that wakes you up, but isn’t a taste everyone enjoys. I first tried it with just sugar, and it didn’t quite eliminate the bitterness to the degree I wanted. Then I tried it with both milk and sugar (which is typically how I prefer my black teas), and while the cooling mint flavour was lessened by the addition of milk, it did mellow out the bitterness and made this stuff wonderfully chuggable. I think I’ve had a mug of chocolate peppermint tea every day since I bought this box, and I love every cup.

Not so fond of the style of teabag, though. The string is attached to the bag on both sides, so if you have a mug with an open handle you can loop it onto the handle to keep the string out of the liquid, but if your cup doesn’t have an open handle… I find myself gently tugging the string out one side of the bag so that it becomes a freely-dangling string that I can position as I prefer… and this doesn’t always work. I lost one bag due to it tearing as I tugged the string free. The design looks neat, but is pretty impractical.

But design flaws aside, this is a fantastic and delicious tea that I really enjoy and I really wish wasn’t only available at certain times. I feel the need to go buy up all the boxes in the store so I can have my stash when I need it later!

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