Tea Tuesday: Chocolate Hazelnut, from Stash

Chocolate-hazelnut is one of my favourite flavour combos. Seriously, just give me a jar of Nutella and I’m a very happy person. So discovering that Stash made a chocolate hazelnut tea? Gimmegimmegimme!

chocolatehazelnutteaThis is a decaf tea, which means even on days when I’m particularly sensitive to caffeine, I can happily drink cup after cup of this stuff and not worry about my sleep getting messed up. Which is a big yay in my books. Some decaf teas I’ve tried in the past have a weird sort of sharp taste to them, a bit similar to aspartame in diet pop, but the Stash chocolate hazelnut tea stays pretty mellow and I don’t notice that sharpness to it, which is also a yay.

It took me a little while to find the right balance of sugar and milk, though, and I think it’s one of those teas that will probably be a little bit different for everyone. At first I couldn’t taste anything that resembled hazelnut or chocolate. The second cup, some of the chocolate flavour came through but the hazelnut only seemed to be there as an aftertaste. By the third cup, though, I’d figured out roughly how much milk and sugar to add to really make the flavours come through, and they blend together really well into a mellow relaxing tea that, given the flavours in questions, feels kind of like a dessert in a cup sometimes.

Definitely a good tea to have around on cold winter nights, and when you’re settling in with a good book.

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