November 2016 in Retrospect

Holy crap, November’s over, it’s almost the end of the year! What the hell? Where did 2016 go?

Oh, right. It went out of the nightmares of people and then crashed and burned. I think it’s somewhere in a smoldering pile under our feet.

…Welp, on that cheery note!

November wasn’t that great a month for me. Between battling bouts of apathy and trying to balance other areas of my life, I didn’t get much reading or reviewing done, and I felt guilty and lazy for it. I’m going to try and make December a bit better, but until then, let’s at least look back on what I did do this past month, rather than focus on what I didn’t.


The Hidden People, by Alison Littlewood
An Import of Intrigue, by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Invisible Planets, translated by Ken Liu

SPFBO review: The Music Box Girl. by K A Stewart

Movie review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Movie review: The Silenced

Other Stuff

As always I started the month by looking at the upcoming books I was excited about.

I wrote a post called Facing the Monster, which is about living with mental illness and how the “mental illness narrative” that appears in fiction doesn’t often match up with what happens in reality.

I only did one tea review this month, but it was still a delicious one: Bubbie’s Baklava, from David’s Tea.

Next Month

Huh… When I tally it up, it looks like I did more here this past month than I thought. Well, no complaints from me!

In December, I want to write another book review each week, which is what I’ve been aiming for this year in general. I also want to continue the project ideas I started in November, which is to review a different kind of tea each Tuesday, and a fantasy/sci-fi/horror movie each Monday. More and more lately I find I enjoy reviewing in general, and I really like tea and movies alongside loving books, so I thought it may at least amuse some people to hear me talk about them every once in a while too. Plus, at least where movies are concerned, wanting to review a movie each week gives me a great excuse for a little downtime, since watching movies — even when I’m watching them with a critical eye and a mind to review them — is far less intensive for me than reading a book with an eye to reviewing it. It feels like a break while also being productive, and I like it.

I’ll also take a look at some of my favourite books that I’ve read this past year, as I usually do when the calendar comes to its final page.

Happy upcoming December, everyone. I hope it’s better than your November!

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