September 2016 in Retrospect

September has been a busy busy month for me. You wouldn’t know it to look at the posts here, but most of the busy stuff came from non-bloggish things. Like preparing for my trip to see my family in the UK.

This meant that not only did I have to make sure I had all my documentation, get packed, make sure I had clothes that had only an appropriate number of holes in them, and all that other normal stuff people do when prepping for a trip, but since I’m also part of Oddulting on YouTube, I had to have enough videos to cover my absense. This meant that in addition to recording extra episodes, I also had to edit and process them, which resulted in busy nights filled with editing, editing, editing, and in between the editing, trying to keep up with housework.

Oh, and also books. Still got to keep up with books.

I’m kind of glad to see the month end, to be perfectly honest.


The Flux, by Ferrett Steinmetz
Fix, by Ferrett Steinmetz
The Graveyard Apartment, by Koike Mariko

SPFBO Review: Song of the Summer King, by Jess E Owen
SPFBO Review: Thread Slivers, by Leeland Artra

Other Stuff

Books on my radar for September.
Cover reveal for Ben Galley’s upcoming Heart of Stone.
I vented a little about, of all things, video game distributors misunderstanding how reviews work.
I also wrote about the way people misunderstand what science is, and how that contributes to people thinking that sci-fi is inherently more realistic and thus better than fantasy.

Next Month

Next month, the first 2 weeks will be pretty barren, since that’s when I’ll be across the ocean visiting family and wandering the streets of Newcastle taking pictures of stuff and hunting down virtual monsters in Pokemon Go.

But this trip features 2 flights that are almost 8 hours long each, and that’s ample reading time, so I plan to have a few books read by the end of that trip. And if nothing else, I’ll be reading the final 2 SPFBO books in my batch and announcing who I’ll be sending on to the final round (even if one of the reviews might come a teensy bit late… maybe…)

Take care, everybody, and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with lots of pictures and definitely-not-a-tan!

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