Books on my Radar (September 2016)

Every month has a glut of books that look awesome and that I know — I know — I will never get around to reading, whether or not I have a copy. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth highlighting. So here’s a look at the books coming out in September 2016 that have caught my attention.

(Note – This is not a comprehensive list of all SFF books being released in this month. This is just a list of the ones that I have my eye on, for whatever reason.)

September 2016 SFF books

Fix, by Ferrett Steinmetz / B&N
September 06

Everfair, by Nisi Shawl / B&N
September 06

Of Sand and Malice Made, by Bradley P Beaulieu / B&N
September 06

A Mortal Song, by Megan Crewe / B&N
September 13

Cold-Forged Flame, by Marie Brennan / B&N
September 13

Summerlong, by Peter S beagle / B&N
September 06

Cloudbound, by Fran Wilde / B&N
September 27

3 comments on “Books on my Radar (September 2016)

  1. I hadn’t realized Cloudbound was coming out this month. I completely forgot to request it. I really enjoyed the first book. Looks like you’re going to have an awesome September!

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