The Closing of a Book.

Today is Halloween. For Wiccans (and pagans of a similar bent), it’s also Samhain, a time of the wheel turning, of endings and beginnings, saying goodbye to the old and looking forward to the new. So it’s fitting that I’m making this announcement today.

This book of Bibliotropic has come to an end. The last chapter has been written.

I’ve been regularly reviewing books for almost 6 years now. Over half a decade. Almost 20% of my life. In that time, I’ve reviewed over 400 books, most of which I’ve enjoyed. I’ve met some incredible people who have supported me and who I now count among my friends, people who show up when I write things because somewhere along the way I started writing things that people were actually interested in reading. Bibliotropic has, to varying degrees, been the focus of my life for a substantial amount of time.

But, melodramatic as it may sound, all things must pass. So too must this.

It’s not that I no longer want to review books. It’s that reviewing takes a surprising amount of time, especially when you want to write regular reviews and keep steady blog content coming. It’s been a wonderful time, and I’ve enjoyed doing it immensely, but over the past few months, I’ve found that I just don’t have the same passion for it that I used to.

But more than that. I have, for as many years as I can remember, wanted to be a published author. The biggest reason I want to step back from Bibliotropic is so that I can focus on my own writing. So that maybe one of these days I’ll be the lucky one who’s on the edge of their seat hoping to $deity that a bookblogger actually likes what I wrote and is willing to say so in public, instead of always being the one to say that about the writing of others. I want to knuckle down and tell my own fantasy stories, and to do so without feeling guilty that whenever I sit down to write, I’m taking away time that I could spend reading so that I can write another review instead.

But you can’t do something for almost a fifth of your life and then just suddenly drop it and never look back. I’ll still read books, and talk about them on Twitter and Facebook, and tell everyone I know when I find something really good that I want more people to read. Books will always be a major part of my life, and now, I think, so will talking about them. Most of that talking will be more informal than I’ve done here.

But I know that every now and then I’ll read something that will make me want to write a formal review again, make me want to talk in-depth about it because it made an impact. So I will still end up writing new reviews here now and then. Just… not very often. Maybe a couple a month. Nothing resembling the regularity that has been the norm here for a few years now. Just whenever I feel like it. And probably more like mini-reviews some of the time, too.

I’ll probably also still host guest posts and giveaways when the opportunity arises, because that requires so little from me that it won’t feel like a stressful thing to still keep up with. I will still always love to give signal boosts to authors and books who are awesome and who I think deserve more attention.

So this book may be closed. But that doesn’t mean the story’s over.

Here’s to the passing away of the old, the marks it left upon us, and the welcoming of the new. To brighter tomorrows ahead. To the stories that have yet to be told.

Happy reading, everyone!
~ Ria

(PS – If you want to keep supporting me and the stuff I do even when it’s not directly related to book reviews, then it would be awesome if you considered buying something from the Bibliotropic Etsy store, where I sell handcrafted items relating to books.)


5 comments on “The Closing of a Book.

  1. That feels like a big decision but you seem to have made up your mind for the right reasons and you’re not completely going away! Another suggestion – you could post guest reviews on other blogs?? I would certainly welcome you to my blog any time you want to shout about a book.
    Lynn :D

    • I’m totally up for doing guest reviews if people want me. :)

      Yeah, I couldn’t turn my back on all this completely, but it’s become such a weighty and time-consuming thing that it’s keeping me from doing other things I also want to be able to focus on. I think it’s the right time for this.

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