GIVEAWAY: Last First Snow, by Max Gladstone

Thanks to the forever-awesome people at Tor, I’m pleased to announce a new giveaway! This time, it’s for a hardcover copy of Max Gladstone’s upcoming Last First Snow, book 4 of the Craft Sequence.

I mean, seriously, how can you say no to that?!

Forty years after the God Wars, Dresediel Lex bears the scars of liberation-especially in the Skittersill, a poor district still bound by the fallen gods’ decaying edicts. As long as the gods’ wards last, they strangle development; when they fail, demons will be loosed upon the city. The King in Red hires Elayne Kevarian of the Craft firm Kelethres, Albrecht, and Ao to fix the wards, but the Skittersill’s people have their own ideas. A protest rises against Elayne’s work, led by Temoc, a warrior-priest turned community organizer who wants to build a peaceful future for his city, his wife, and his young son.

As Elayne drags Temoc and the King in Red to the bargaining table, old wounds reopen, old gods stir in their graves, civil blood breaks to new mutiny, and profiteers circle in the desert sky. Elayne and Temoc must fight conspiracy, dark magic, and their own demons to save the peace-or failing that, to save as many people as they can.

This series is very much worth reading, if you haven’t already done so, and I know the news about this book’s release has a lot of people on edge, waiting impatiently for the day they can read it.

So let’s make sure that one of my readers gets a copy in their hands, shall we?


  • Must have a US or Canadian mailing address; no PO Boxes
  • Must provide mailing address if chosen as a winner, which will be sent to the publisher for shipping and not retained by me
  • Comment on this post to enter; must provide valid contact info in case you win
  • Limit of 1 (one) entry per person
  • Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM, PST, Sunday June 14, 2015
  • Winners will be drawn and announced on Monday June 15, 2015

I’d like to stress that you must provide contact info in your comment in order to qualify. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an email address, your Twitter username, a link to your website, anything. Just make sure it’s there. The past couple of giveaways, the first winner I selected was for a comment that provided no contact information whatsoever, and because of that, I just drew another name. So if you don’t leave contact info, your comment doesn’t really count as an entry.

That being said, comment to enter, and good luck to you all!

23 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Last First Snow, by Max Gladstone

  1. Oo oo, me me! Haha. *fingers crossed* I usually don’t leave a real email address in the comment field thingy because then the computer demands that I login to something that I dont seem to have and thwarts everything. So Ima put one here: nicolettekyle AT yahoo DOT com.

  2. I’ve been wanting to read the craft sequence books, as I’ve heard so many good things about them. I bought the first one, and it’s moving up on my TBR. Having the 4th would lead to me buying the middle 2.
    Also thanks for emphasizing the need for contact info IN the comment. I assumed you’d have the email that is required to post a comment! ~ @mangoheroics

    • The comment above mine suggests that an email address is NOT required to post a comment. Hmm. *adds to notes on the culture of posting*

      • That’s really weird… I just checked the comment settings and I’ve definitely got it set up that it should require a name and email address for a comment to post.

        Though maybe that’s just for it going through automatically. Your comments got flagged as needing manual approval, so maybe that’s all that happens when someone doesn’t add their email address. Interesting, and I appreciate you pointing that out!

    • Update: I just bought the second Craft Sequence (e)book, Two Serpents Rise! So now, if I win, I’ll need only Full Fathom Five to complete the sequence (to date). Pretty crafty, right?

  3. Count me in! I’m glad so far the books haven’t been sequential, I don’t often jump around books in a series, but it’s good to know I can dive right into any of the books. Thanks for the giveaway! (steffstuff at gmail dot com)

  4. I’ve only read Gladstone’s first book in the series but I loved how unique and original the setting was. I’d love to read this one too. My email is nicksharps13 at hotmail dot com

  5. Winning would be nice. I checked out the first three books from the library and read them. I ordered the hardbacks a couple months later and just finished binge reading them again. Looking forward to Last First Snow! @hipposilverlock on twitter. Email below.

  6. His Craft sequence has been great so far, I am looking forward to this next volume. Max is great in person as well. Twitter @nottenst

  7. I’m in! I’ve made it my job to keep up with each new installment of the Craft Sequence. The world Gladstone has created is so strange and mystifying. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it became a series of 20 books similar to Prachett’s Discworld. With all the various part of the Craft Sequence Gladstone has mentioned in each novel, there’s no way to explore every part of the world in just five book.

  8. Yes yes yes! I’ve read two of the Craft books so far and would love to get my hands on more.


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