April in Retrospect

Ups and downs. March was fantastic for reading, and I read more than my goals and had a blast doing so. April, though? Not so much. I hit a big reading slump at the beginning of the month and ended up pretty unfocused, reading a grand 2 books in 2 weeks.

In fairness, they were a couple of doorstoppers, and I did read a couple of graphic novels in between them, but still. Normally I read more than that, and faster. I’m a bit disappointed in myself.

But let’s see what did happen here, instead of just what didn’t.


Ink, by Amanda Sun
The Grace of Kings, by Ken Liu
A Crown for Cold Silver, by Alex Marshall
Angelfall, by Susan Ee

For the SPFBO, I review Barbara J Webb’s City of Burning Shadows.

In all, I read 7 books and reviewed 5. And 3 of the books I read were graphic novels, too, so it’s not like they were particularly taxing. Yeah, it was a slow month… Didn’t meet any of my goals there…

Guest Posts/Interviews

Worldbuilding in Akrasia, by Betsy Dornbusch
Mini author interview with Ken Liu, regarding The Grace of Kings

Other Stuff

I posted about the We Are Silent fundraiser I did, in which I was silent for a day to raise money for those whose voices weren’t heard. And I raised the $100 I was aiming for, which is going to help education in rural China!

I posted the first batch of books I eliminated from the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. I debated, later on, as to whether I was approaching the whole thing from the wrong angle, and whether I should change how I’d originally intended to go at the challenge. I later decided to go with that change, and narrowed my list down to 8 strong contenders to be the book passed on to round 2. I followed that with a post on why some books made the cut and others didn’t, and hopefully managed to be encouraging while doing so.

I joined a readalong group for Max Gladstone’s Two Serpents Rise; here are the question-and-answer posts from weeks 1, 2, and 3.


Now that my reading slump is over, I’m back to shooting for my usual 8 books read and reviewed in a month. May is actually a pretty exciting month for books I’m interested in, with so many coming out that I’ve pretty much got those 8 already pegged! No time to clear down the backlist this month, not unless I get on a good reading kick and read more than expected, the way I’d managed to in March! (Fingers crossed!)

I’m not sure if the readalong for Full Fathom Five will be starting next month, but if it is, I’ll be doing that too, so there’ll be more of those question and answer posts.

I have a guest post tentatively lined up, and I’ll be guest posting myself on another blog, so stay tuned for those! Not sure if I’ll manage to get any giveaways going for May, but I’ll do my best. No idea how some blogs can line up 2 or more giveaways a week; what contacts do these people have that I’m missing?! :p

How was your April? Was it more productive than mine?

4 comments on “April in Retrospect

  1. You know, two of those books you read where rather lengthy! You shouldn’t feel bad anyway, but I think you also deserve some bonus points for getting both Crown of Cold Silver and Grace of Kings in the same month!

  2. I think you are doing a heck of a job! My April was full of learning! You were of course completely correct. I went back and did a lot of re-editing. I can’t believe I submitted that wobbly pile of a wreck. I can’t be too hard on myself though. I published it too early for personal reasons. Thanks for the much needed smack in my face! AND keep on keepin on!

  3. I can’t believe May is here already, but at the same time I’m very excited. Weather’s finally getting really nice, and like you said, tons of good books are coming out (and maybe it’s just for me, but most of my top anticipated ones are all released in the first two weeks…gonna be a busy month!)

    • I hear ya! 5 of the 8 I really have my eye on are out in the first 2 weeks. Heck, and 3 of those are in the first week! I’ve already read 1, have started another, but yeah, sadly some of them aren’t going to be advanced reviews, because I just can’t read that much by Tuesday. :p

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