I Will be Silent

On April 16th, I will be spending the day in silence, for charity, as part of Free The Children’s “We Are Silent” fundraiser. The goal is to be silent for the day to take a stand against the enforced silence that others have to endure, through bullying, through poverty, through circumstance that people can’t help being born into. Being silent to prove a point about people needing to find a voice.

My aim is to raise $100. A modest goal, but then, I’ve always been pretty lousy at fundraising, so if I can hit that goal, I’ll be happy. The money will go to fund education programs in rural China, to help kids there get an education and learn skills and maybe, hopefully, reach a better place where their voices are heard and their lives are improved.

I have experience with silence. I can’t say that I’ve experienced great poverty, or a lack of education, or war. My silence was limited to feeling like nobody gave a toss about me, that I was worthless and shouldn’t even try. That there are still people who are unempowered not by things like depression but by government regulation and lousy circumstance and the widespread idea that they shouldn’t even have a voice, let alone use it for anything, is sickening. So I know a bit of the power of silence, and what it can do to keep people from standing up.

That’s why, at a time when I can stand up and use silence as a weapon, use it to prove a point, I will. I am.

So here’s what I ask. If you have a few spare dollars, please consider donating through my sponsor link. None of this money goes to me; it’s not a scam. If you don’t have the money to spare (and believe me, I completely understand being in that situation too!), then that’s okay. If you want, please share the link. I don’t want to turn this into some loud viral “SHARE THIS LINK OR ADORABLE PUPPIES WILL DIE” kind of thing, because I hate those and don’t want to be That Person. But any help is appreciated.

And if you want to join the campaign and be silent that day to make a stand and show how powerful silence can be, then more power to you! I’d love to see a bunch of my bookish friends join this; we’re nothing is not vocal about our causes and our passions, and we make change where we see it’s needed, and I swear I’ve never met a more awesome group of people committed to making things better through the power of words (or in this case, a lack of words).

So that’s why I’ll be silent on April 16th. Literal silence to help fight against metaphorical silence. And I hope it can make even a little bit of difference, raising that awareness.

Thanks for listening. I now return you to your regularly scheduled bookblog.

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