Done bruised m’brain.

Like a genius, someone left some cardboard boxes in the hallway recently. And like a genius, I slipped on one and fell down the better part of a flight of stairs, smacking my head off something (probably a step) as I went down. I’m now the proud disoriented owner of a mild concussion.

As such, I’ve been ordered to take it easy for a few days. No TV, no computer stuff, nothing that tends to make a brain work harder than usual. (So I guess reality TV must be okay, then…) Being bad enough as it is to sneak online and relieve a little boredom by typing this to let readers know that there’ll be a bloggy silence until next week, since I didn’t schedule any posts between now and then.

Thanks for your patience! I shall now resume staring at the ceiling and fantasizing that I’m a rock star! (In all honesty, I can read for chunks of time if I take breaks, so I’m not climbing the walls from boredom just yet.)


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