Some good news came my way!

Many of you have already heard this by now, but for those who aren’t following me on Facebook or Twitter (and why aren’t you, by the way?), I’m going to make the announcement here, too. My unemployment is coming to an end! Over the past few weeks I’ve been going to various interviews at the Air Canada call centre nearby, and last Friday afternoon, after I’d pretty much lost hope of being hired and figuring that they just weren’t interested, I got the call and was offered a job!

Can I get a BOOYAH!

I was really hoping for this job. For one thing, it’s remarkably similar to the job I’d recently lost, in that I spent the better part of the past 3 years booking airline reservations for people. Only in the previous job, I booked for just about any airline that existed, plus made reservations for rental cars, limos, and hotel stays, and with Air Canada, I’ll be focusing on the flight portion of that, and for one specific airline. The training is 14 weeks, which will take me pretty close to the end of the year, and while everyone’s telling me that the training is really hard and that there’s a lot to learn, I’m pretty confident that much of what I’ll have to learn are things I already learned in my previous job.

Training doesn’t start until September 8, so  have a full 2 weeks left before I put aside my unemployed life and start working again. Which is awesome, because that gives me next weekend when my roommate’s coming home from PEI to visit, and I still have plenty of time to just relax and enjoy myself without thinking that I have to send of resumes today or prepare for another interview or any of that. I know I have a job waiting for me in 2 weeks. I know I’m going to enjoy this time, and my time working there.

Sadly, I’m not going to be an awesome flight attendant or any of that. I’m basically going to be the person you’d speak to if you called to book tickets or change your flight times. I won’t get to spend my day walking up and down the aisles of airplanes. But hey, if speaking to me isn’t entirely luck of the draw and I end up with a personal phone extension, I’m demanding that all my blog readers call me when they need to travel on Air Canada, so that I can help them out!

So, here’s to 2 more weeks of relaxation, then a fun job at the end!

6 comments on “Some good news came my way!

  1. Congratulations! Air Canada is a super company to work for, and I’m sure you’ll blow away the training (people ALWAYS say training is hard, but I find it’s always an exaggeration). And personally, what you’ll be doing sounds way better than being a flight attendant (but then I’m scared of flying!). Grats again.

  2. What great news! I’ve done similar work in the past, and although it was often hectic I enjoyed it most of the time – largely because unlike with many other jobs that involve similar work, I found that I was continually learning new things and actually being challenged to increase my knowledge. It was often very interesting to me, which is a big plus in my book. And I found myself inspired to read a lot of travel lit and international books!

    I hope you love your new position and enjoy your free time until it begins by getting in lots of reading time!

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