July in Retrospect

July wasn’t a particularly special month. I haven’t found a job yet, though I am still looking. Something will come along eventually, and I can get back to earning a paycheque instead of relying on EI support. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate EI and its ability to let me pay the rent and buy food and whatnot. But it won’t last forever, and I would really prefer to be earning my pay instead of relying on government support. I’ve had to do that too much over the past few years, what with illness and everything that happened to me; it leaves me with an unhappy feeling, and residual guilt that because the last time I drew on EI I was sick, so maybe I should be sick this time, and since I’m not, what’s going on?

Brains are strange things.

Anyway, let’s hop out of my brain for a moment and take a look at the usual monthly run-down of what happened here on Bibliotropic during July!


What Makes This Book So Great, by Jo Walton
Child of a Hidden Sea, by A M Dellamonica
Crushed, by Eliza Crewe
The House of the Four Winds, by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory
Deadroads, by Robin Riopelle
I Am the Weapon, by Allen Zadoff
The Girl From the Well, by Rin Chupeco
Heir to the Shadows, by Anne Bishop
Red Rising, by Pierce Brown

I outdid myself this time! I aimed for 7-8 books read and the same number reviewed, and ended up with 9 read and 9 reviewed. I didn’t think I’d surpassed my goals. But then, I sometimes don’t even realise that I’ve met my goals until I do this end-of-the-month roundup.

Guest Posts

The Ghosts Haunting Deadroads: Nomads, or Exiles, by Robin Riopelle
What Inspired Osias, by Betsy Dornbusch

Other Stuff

I started what I’m hoping will become a weekly series I call The Reviewer’s Dilemma, in which I talk about issues and situations that come up when reviewing books. I wrote first about Mind vs Gut, when what a person felt and thought during the reading of a book isn’t always the same as what they write about later on. Then I wrote about the pressures of having too much of a good thing in Too Many ARCs.

I took another look at yet more upcoming and previously-released books that have caught my attention lately in On the Watchlist.

I was invited to do a guest post for Sarah Chorn’s extremely popular and influential Special Needs in Strange Worlds column on SF Signal, in which I talked about what it’s like to have Tourette syndrome, how it affects my life, and how I see that condition presented in most media.


Since I’ve been mostly reviewing a lot of books about 3-4 weeks ahead of time lately, and since September seems to be an off month in which very little is being released that I’m interested in reading and have an advanced copy of, I’m devoting August to playing catch-up. There are so many books that I’ve received for review that, for one reason or another, I didn’t or couldn’t make the time for around their respective release dates. So better late than never! I’m aiming to get 8 older books cleared off my backlog in August, so that I can feel a little less guilty about certain books still being unread and thus unreviewed.

No immediate plans for guest posts or giveaways, though something usually comes up when I least expect it, so we shall see.

I do want to do another On the Watchlist, and I want to keep up writing The Reviewer’s Dilemma. Here’s hoping I don’t run out of things to say for the latter!

So that’s what happened in July, and those are my plans for August. What about everyone reading this? Was July a good reading month for you? Got any big plans in the coming month that I should know about?

2 comments on “July in Retrospect

  1. I’m doing my round up later today, so I still have to figure out my numbers, but I’d say July was a pretty good month considering my big news of two weeks ago!

    Today is my last day at work and then I’m off for two weeks and while we’ll be away on vacation for part of it, there WILL be lots of reading :D The biggest title I’ll be reading is The Godless both in terms of page numbers and buzz. Otherwise I’m free-wheeling my way through the month trying to tame my review pile :D

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