GIVEAWAY: Moth and Spark, by Anne Leonard (US/CAN only)

Clear out the moths and spark your summer reading with this amazing giveaway, courtesy of Anne Leonard! She’s celebrating her birthday on June 21st, and in the grand tradition of hobbits, she’s giving presents to others! She has generously offered 5 copies of her novel, Moth and Spark, to giveaway in celebration. How awesome is that?!

So what do you have to do to get in on this? Simply leave a comment on this post, letting me know if there are particular books you typically like to read over the summer. (If the answer is no, you don’t read anything different during the summer compared to any other time of year, that’s an acceptable answer too!)


~ US/Can mailing addreses only.
~ Contest runs from now until 11:59 PM, EST, on June 20.
~ Winners will be announced on June 21. Winners have 24 hours to contact me to provde their mailing addresses. If they do not, another winner will be drawn.
~ Addresses will only be used to provide the mailing info to the author/publisher and will not be retained or used by me for any other purpose.

9 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Moth and Spark, by Anne Leonard (US/CAN only)

  1. As a hobbit, I do have to say that giving other people presents is a great way to celebrate one’s birthday. (Also, cake for second breakfast is AWESOME.) When it comes to summer reading, I look for books that are out of my comfort zone–such as it’s realistic YA fiction (though that can be a bummer sometimes, with all the drama and love-triangles and why-doesn’t-anyone-understand-MEEEEE), or classic mystery authors like Agatha Christie or Dashiell Hammett. This summer, I’m leaning toward short-story anthologies, mostly because it’s a great way to discover authors I’m not familiar with.

    Let’s turn the tables: Ria, are there any books which you associate with summer reading? :)

  2. I don’t read differently during the summer–but I do read differently when I am on vacation. My taste goes to popcorn books firmly and completely. Gene Wolfe is NOT the author I want to read on a trip, for example.

  3. I read the same books no matter what the weather. I absolutely loved Moth and Spark, and have it on my Goodreads ‘need to buy’ shelf. I still have my library copy so that I can read it again!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  4. I read more fantasy and SF over the summer, as I teach and generally am reading student essays and the like. I listen to more audiobooks over the winter months to compensate.

  5. I’m suffering genre burnout at the moment. Typically I read a lot of fantasy over the summer, but I’m falling into that realistic YA genre. During the year I can’t read as much but I read mostly fantasy then, more than I do in summer. Summer is my experimentation time.

  6. I don’t think there’s any seasonal correlation with what I read. It tends to go through phases as far as type/genre and just how much time I spend reading in general. Though when I occasionally go on vacation or a camping trip I often try to take something new and different. It seems like a good time to try and explore a different mindset.

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