Bout of Books Wrap-Up!

Bout of Books has ended! How did I do with my challenge?

Eh, not so good. I challenged myself to finish reading both Rjurik Davidson’s Unwrapped Sky (which I did) and Jo Walton’s What Makes This Book So Great (which I didn’t), to start and finish Kat Ross’s Some Fine Day (which I did) and Francesca Forrest’s Pen Pal (which I didn’t). I definitely didn’t make a start on Jeff Salyards’s Veil of the Deserters!

But you know, that’s not so terrible. I finished 2 books, at least, and even if I didn’t get around to the others, some progress is better than no progress at all. I still managed something.

(That’s what I tell myself so I can sleep better at night. Secretly, I’m still a bit disappointed that I didn’t at least also finish What Makes This Book So Great.)

But really, given that my roommate came home from PEI for the long weekend, I would rather have spent time with a good friend than just sequestered myself with books, especially when I haven’t seen that friend in a month now. The only free day I had during this entire week was Thursday. But it was still worth it.

Maybe my next readathon will involve more actual reading!

2 comments on “Bout of Books Wrap-Up!

  1. …, you finished 2 out of 4 books…..last time I tried a thing like this it was 5 books & I ended up finishing just one…..I gotta get my reading speed up somehow I think, lol…..

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