March in Retrospect

Hard to believe that March has slipped by and it’s April already. Of course, to look out my window, I wouldn’t exactly know it. I know that I live in Canada and that snow is to be expected and that winter lasts for longer here than it does in areas south of me, but within the space of a week we’ve been hit with a blizzard, then 2 days of icy rain, which is supposed to be sollowed up with more horrible wet stuff falling from the sky later this week. Add that to the early giant snowstorm we got at the beginning of winter which was very quickly followed by an ice storm that kept snowbanks 3 feet high or more in places for well over a month…

Yeah, I’m tired of winter. I can haz green grass nao?

But enough of that! It’s time to take a look into what happened here this past month! Let’s break it down!


Blades of the Old Empire, by Anna Kashina
The Fifty-Seven Lives of Alex Wayfare, by M G Buehrlen
The Republic of Thieves, by Scott Lynch
John Golden: Freelance Debugger, by Django Wexler
Giant Thief, by David Tallerman
Sunrise, by Mike Mullin
Last God Standing, by Michael Boatman
Expiration Day, by William Campbell Powell

Guest posts

M G Buehrlen dropped by to talk about where and when she’d time travel, given the option.

Other Stuff

Like the month before, I held a giveaway for one of my handmade bookmarks, which seemed to generate a fair bit of interest. (They are available to purchase on the Riality Studios Etsy store, too.)
I took a look at some of the books that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on in my On The Watchlist post.
I got to spread the word about the release of Pip Ballantine and Tee Morri’s’s Dawn’s Early Light, the latest book in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series.
I talked a bit about gateway books into SFF, the book or books that got you hooked on the genre and eager for more, and talked about what my gateway book was.


As usual, I’m planning for 8 book reviews this month. I’m also fortunate to be able to review 2 issues of Apex Magazine, which I’m not counting toward the book reviews because magazines are a different thing altogether. There will be at least 1 guest post, and another bookmark giveaway. I will probably also talk again about upcoming books that I’m lusting after. That’s all I have scheduled so far, so no doubt there’ll end up being more to keep you all coming back!

How was your March? Read any good books I should know about? (And are you free from winter’s icy grip, so that I can come visit? :p)

6 comments on “March in Retrospect

  1. No, we are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

    Interesting, you try for 8 reviews a month? Do you stop if you go over and save them or just post extra ones?

    • I usually post extra if I have them written up. I try to aim for 2 reviews a week on average, really, and most often I can achieve that (especially since I still have a bit of a backlog of books that I need to review right now). But if I can’t, no big deal, since I can usually find other stuff to talk about to pad the posts a little bit. :p

  2. About to post my own March tally! Some highlights: Saga, which is a graphic novel, and Robert Jackson Bennett’s stuff (American Elsewhere and City of Stairs, both were amazing).

  3. I just had to turn on my air conditioning because the daily temperatures are in the 80s (Fahrenheit) – believe me, I would happily trade you or help recruit some henchmen to build a weather-controlling machine so that we could make our climates meet halfway.

    I’m looking forward to this month’s reviews and to hearing what books you’re looking forward to!

  4. Well, it’s a balmy 22° C here and you’re more than welcome to come visit ;-)

    As for reading, you need to read Joseph D’Lacey’s Book of the Crowman as it was awesome!

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