Readathon recap

Well, my Time-Off-Work Readathon has come to a close (I return to work in a couple of hours), and I confess, I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. Part of that was because my focus was off; there were days when I had plenty of time to read, but I, er, opted to play Minecraft instead.  So I didn’t get 4 books read. I got 3 read. And 1 of them wasn’t a book I’d intended to read, so much as I book I saw on my shelves and went, “Huh, haven’t read that one in a while.”

What I read and finished were the following:

  • The Secret Under my Skin, by Janet McNaughton (reread)
  • Black Dog, by Rachel Neumeier
  • Sunrise, by Mike Mullin

And I made a teensy bit of progress on Anna Kashina’s Blades of the Old Empire. And by ‘teensy’, I mean that I read to the end of chapter 2. Hey, it counts as progress!

The better side of this is that the time off work actually did me a lot of good. Being able to focus on resting and not having to worry about checking my pain levels multiple times a day and determining whether I can keep on doing what I’m doing actually made me better able to handle the daily pain that I’ve been experiencing, and it hasn’t been as disruptive. If I started to hurt sitting up, I lay down for a while. If I couldn’t walk too far, I stopped and sat down and took a break. Funny what your body can tell you, and impressive what can happen if you listen to it and give it what it needs. And it’s much easier to do that when I don’t have to worry about pushing myself just a little further so I can make it through half my shift, maybe 3/4, oh god if I can just stay upright for another 2 hours I can finish a shift no matter how terrible my quality of work is!

It helped.

I’m in higher spirits as I return to work today, my pain level is manageable again, and I know that I just have to get through 4 shifts before my next ‘weekend’, and on one of those days I have an appointment with a specialist who will hopefully work with me to improve my life and treat the underlying problem.

So now I return myself to my regularly scheduled reading.

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