[Contest] Whole lotta evil love!


This is post 666 here on Bibliotropic, and to celebrate just how evil this blog has become, I’m running a little giveaway. All you have to do is sell me your soul leave a comment telling me you want to be entered. Simple as that.

Bonus points for telling me which author, living or dead, you would sell your soul love to have dinner with.

Huh, I think there may be a subliminal theme going on here… Nah!

Grand prize is an e-book of your choice from Amazon.com, so long as it costs $15 USD or less. So if there’s a book you’ve been dying to get your hands on lately but haven’t been able to afford (because it’s that time of year and most of everyone’s money is getting sucked up with planning the holidays and buying gifts and for those in colder places, preparing to iceskate in hell winterizing their cars), this might be your chance to get it.

Open internationally to everyone who has an email address!

Contest entries will close at at 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on Sunday December 1, and the winnter will be announced and contacted on Monday December 2.

So what are you waiting for? Get commenting!

17 comments on “[Contest] Whole lotta evil love!

  1. I would really really love to have dinner and a discussion with either Mervyn Peake or Italo Calvino. These two masters of prose were so unique not only because of their amazingly writing style and language but also because they could see and perceive things in a different way than the average person. For me, this requires a whole new level of intellect and understanding and a dinner with them would be quite the experience!

  2. Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant. I’m not sure how much eating would be done while discussing zombies and parasite, but it would definitely be interesting.

  3. I’d love to have dinner with Sir Terry Pratchett, because I’m sure he’s full of great stories, and he never fails to make me laugh.

    Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway!

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  5. I would hang out with Terry Pratchett. Supper, drinks and hours of story telling. He would be a wonderful, funny and charming dinner companion.

  6. I’m going to go with Neil Gaiman. One of my favourite authors and his works like American Gods and The Ocean at the End of the Lane are among my favourites. Plus, we’d also be able to talk about Doctor Who as he has written my favourite episode for the show so far (The Doctor’s Wife) so it should be aa very interesting dinner indeed.

  7. Tough choice. I’d have to say Carl Sagan since CONTACT is still one of my favourite SF novels of all time. Who wouldn’t want to chat with the person who coined the whole Pale Blue Dot bit? Nothing else puts life into such brilliant perspective.

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