Gentleman Bastards Readalong

Because I’m foolish and didn’t pay enough attention, I thought this readalong, hosted at Fantasy Faction, started later this month. Nope, it apparently started a few days ago. Well, there’s me with a red face!

liesoflockelamora  The Gentleman Bastards readalong is designed to help people get caught up for Scott Lynch’s newest book in the series, The Republic of Thieves, coming out in October. As for me, this is just a good excuse to read a series that I keep putting off. Much like with A Song of Ice and Fire, I can no longer say that.

This will go at about 4 chapters per week, a fairly relaxed pace, and it isn’t likelt to interfere with me reading other books in the meantime. Expect a Q&A post every now and again as I participate in the more social aspects of a group read. I now have until this Sunday to read the first 4 chapters of The Lies of Lock Lamora.

Anyone else want in on this readalong? Still time to join over at Fantasy Faction, if you’re interested!

4 comments on “Gentleman Bastards Readalong

    • Kinda envious of the people doing the Hodderscape review project. :p But yeah, I can totally understand that. This one’s only 4 chapters a week, but even when the reading projects are relatively light, get enough of them together and suddenly you find yourself with no time to do or read anything else!

  1. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like reading multiple things at once. As such, I’d have to pass on the readalong. Though I have read the two Gentleman Bastards books. Good reading, once you get past the back and forth in time style. Looking forward to Republic.

    • I used to be terrible for reading multiple books at once. Getting a bookblog and developping focus has helped me cut down on that a lot, but it seems that I’ve thrown caution to the wind lately and joined two readalongs anyway! Hopefully this doesn’t make me fall back into old habits.

      Loving what I’m reading of “The Lies of Locke Lamora” so far. I’ve got a weakness for smooth-talking rogues and thieves, so this kind of book is right up my alley!

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