Personal readathon – Day 1

I really ought to call it Day 0.5, since my roommate didn’t leave until later than I’d originally thought, leaving me with fewer alone hours during the day.

I also started somewhat behind schedule, because I figured I’d have The Steel Seraglio finished by now, and in reality I barely read any for the past couple of days. So now I feel obligated to finish that before doing anything else.

Progress report: got a little over halfway through The Steel Seraglio.

Not much to brag about, really.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and more bookish.

2 comments on “Personal readathon – Day 1

    • The upside to having almost nothing else to do while my roommate’s away. So long as I make myself food and take care of the cats, the rest of my time can be spend lying comfortably in bed, burying in books. It’s been awesome so far!

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