Personal readathon

So, between falling on my stomach earlier this week and hurting myself considerably, not being able to get a doctor’s appointment to find out about what the hell I’m supposed to do about that (plus continuing pain and fatigue that another doctor seemed confused over why I was still having) until near the middle of next week, and the fact that I seem to have a cold that’s kicking my butt, I’m primed to not be returning to work for at least another week.

And my roommate’s going to be going away for most of that week.

What does that mean for me? Personal Readathon!

I’ll be alone from Saturday July 6th through Thursday July 11, and with the exception of the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, I won’t have much to do that I’ll really be able to do. I plan to spend that time reading, reading, and then doing some more reading. I’m finally caught up on my personal reading goals so far this year, but I still feel that I’m lagging behind when it comes to my ARCs and other books that I want to read. That alone time is the perfect chance for me to indulge in a reading binge and get a little more caught up.

This also coincides nicely with the Once-Upon-a-Readathon that’s being hosted at Pure Imagination, so I’ve signed up for that, too. That falls in the middle of my own readathon, so I figured why the heck not?

So what do I plan to read through my almost-week of alone time?

I’m pretty sure that should see me through the 6 days that I’ll be doing the readathon. I may not even get to all of it, but I’ll give it my best shot, and even if I end up missing one of two from the list, well, I’ll still have done a lot of fun reading and will be that much closer to catching up with the backlogged ARCs. 6 of those books listed are ARCs or review copies.

And on the offchance that I get all of those books done and still have time left, I’ll probably try to read either M L Brennan’s Generation V or Freda Warrington’s Elfland. Or both. I doubt I’ll manage to get that far, but you never know, and I’ve surprised myself in the past with just how much I can read when I really get into a groove.

I’ll be making a daily progress post to let people know what I’ve accomplished, and to keep myself accountable.

Anyone else feel like joining me for this readathon? No prizes, alas, or any of that other cool stuff that people sometimes do. Just almost a full week of reading pleasure.

5 comments on “Personal readathon

  1. Good luck with your reading goals! I’m sorry you have to deal with so much unpleasantness. I hope your alone time helps you to heal and feel better soon. :)

    • Thanks. And even if there still is some unpleasantness going on, it’s still a lot better than it was a few months ago. I may not have fully recovered from surgery yet, but at least the surgery seems to have fixed the underlying problem and I’m taking steps to getting my life back in order.

      And part of that order involves indulging in reading binges because I want to, not because I can’t do anything else. :D

    • Ha, tell me about it! I overdid things on Monday with Canada Day celebrations… and by overdid things I mean that I was walking about for about an hour. Got really tired and sore, lost my balance, and fell over. That’ll teach me to try and have fun. :p

      At least I have plenty of reading material while I cope with the pain! Upside to everything!

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