Late to the party – An ASOIAF readalong

Mithril Wisdom is hosting a readalong for the first 4 books of George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, and, well, count me in. They’re books I’ve been meaning to read for a while now. I have them all (well, all that have been released thus far, anyway) and they’ve been sitting on my bookshelves, gathering dust, because they’re hefty books and will take some committment and I have a ton of other books that I also have to read.

So when I heard about the readalong, and how it’s a fairly leisurely read (about a chapter a day), it seemed like a good excuse to get cracking. Every 2 weeks there’ll be questions posted about the chapters we’ve all read so far, which should make for some fairly interesting commentary and discussion across numerous blogs.

If you haven’t read the books and want to read along with a bunch of us, then join the party on Jamie’s blog!

The readalong officially started yesterday, and I’m probably not going to start until tomorrow because it’s 10:30 at night and I hear my bed calling. So in the meantime, here’s my newly created House sigil thingamajigger. Nothing special, but I like the motto I came up with, at least.


3 comments on “Late to the party – An ASOIAF readalong

    • I’m interested in the discussion questions, too. When I’ve seen other people do various readathons for series that I’ve already read but they haven’t, seeing their predictions and opinions on a partly-read book is always amusing and insightful.

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