Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge

wogf_250  I’m taking the challenge. Will you?

The Women of Genre Fiction reading challenge has a simple enough premise. 12 months. 12 books. 12 reviews. Picking female genre authors whose work you haven’t read before.

That’s the hardest part for me, actually. Picking ones I haven’t read before. That isn’t to say that I read a vast number of books by female authors, but more that there are plenty of female authors whose books I’m just not that interested in, for one reason or another. Or I’ve already read one or more of their books, so reading a sequel wouldn’t count for the challenge. I could cheat, I suppose, but where’s the fun in that?

I’m looking forward to this challenge, really. It will give me the prodding to pick up a couple of books that I’ve had lying around for a while but for one reason or another have gotten passed over in favour of other books. Books by Stina Leicht, Elspeth Cooper, Freda Warrington, and more. I always love a good challenge, and I think this one’s going to be quite interesting.

Anyone else signed up for this, or will be signing up? There are even prizes to be won, in the form of Amazon gift cards! But more important is the chance to spread the word about awesome authors who, as awesome and talented and well-loved as they are, still don’t tend to get the pbulicity that some male authors will get.

4 comments on “Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge

    • Happily there are a few authors and titles that I’ve been meaning to read anyway, so this just gives me a fantastic excuse to stop procrastinating. Some of which are ARCs that I really should have made the time for long before now, so I get to alleviate a little bit of guilt in the process, to boot!

  1. I signed up for this challenge at the beginning of the year, most excitedly. Then I started another round of illness, and my reading pace tanked. So I’ve finished 3 books for the challenge (at the 5th month of the year, I would have hoped to be on #5) and haven’t reviewed any of them. I’m trying to get back on the horse now, so to speak.

    I hope you find many new-to-you authors to love. The WWE site has added so many female spec-fic authors at the request of participants, and their database is becoming wonderfully full and relatively comprehensive. There are so many to discover! I’m enjoying overloading my to-be-read list in anticipation of future reading. Best of luck with your challenge!

    • Illness or injury seem to keep getting in the way of my own reading, too. I felt like onces I could finally stop napping for hours every day due to anemia, it was pretty much time for surgery, and I’m still trying to get things back together after that. Here’s hoping that neither of us will have to suffer any more health-related setbacks!

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