What a Girl Wants: What girls in geekdom are allowed to do.


So you think you’re a geek girl, huh? Or you’re thinking about claiming the title for yourself because of all the awesome inherent in geekdom? Awesome! Good for you! But before you get too happy about it all, I’m here to burst your bubble. It’s not all fun and games. You’ve got to take this hobby seriously, don’t you know, and there are certain rules that need to be followed here. It’s not enough to just say you’re a geek girl. You’ve got to know where you stand, you’ve got to do the right things, project the proper appearance so that everyone knows you’re not just one of those wannabes.

Or worse, one of those girls who tries to usurp a place in geekdom that isn’t hers to take.

So to make sure you don’t step on the wrong toes, let’s take a look at the rules you’re going to have to follow if you’re going to be a socially-acceptible geek girl.


~ It’s okay for girls to like anime. But only certain kinds of anime. Girls are allowed to like shoujo anime, because it was made specifically for girls and contains all the things that girls like. Pretty clothes, adorable mascots or animal companions, magical powers to battle with, the whole shebang.

~ It’s okay for girls to like yaoi and shounen ai. Encourage, even. After all, nobody else is going to touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole. It’s pretty much understood that if you’re a girl who likes anime, you’re going to like yaoi.
~ Just… please don’t talk about it in public.

~ It’s acceptible for girls to like anime that falls outside these genres, on the condition that there are a suitable number of bishounen (ie. pretty boys, aka. “bishies”) in the cast. Otherwise, there’s no real reason for girls to be interested in the anime at all.

Video Games

~ Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually okay for girls to play video games. That’s why the entire RPG genre exists, after all. Rather than forcing girls to put up with boy games, like sports games, fighting games, or first-person shooters, girls will be more attracted to RPGs because they have a greater emphasis on dialogue and story development and stay far far away from anything resembling realistic violence or unpleasant things that might be difficult to handle.
~ The jury’s still out on whether girls enjoy games like Skyrim. The lines are a little blurred here. I guess it might be okay if you play a female Khajiit

~ Games that involve you raising and battling monsters (or “animal companions”), such as Pokemon or Monster Rancher, are acceptible also, because there are plenty of cute and pretty things in those kinds of games.

~ Simulation games are also fine, because they don’t involve any violence, and often incorporate an element of domesticity, which naturally makes them more appealing to girls.

~ Remember, girls, the surest way to prove that you’re a fake geek girl is to say that you like playing games outside of these genres. Telling somebody that you enjoy playing Halo, Call of Duty, or similar games instantly gets you marked as someone who’s trying too hard. Come on, I mean, it’s obvious that you just heard some game names on the Internet. We all know you haven’t really played them. What’s in there for girls to like?


~ Girls in geekdom are encouraged to read plenty of genre books. The paranormal romance subgenre is booming, and there are plenty of options to read about strong beautiful women getting swept off their feet by any number of gorgeous alpha males.

~ If you absolutely must read something else, stick to fantasy, especially fantasy written by women. Those women writers know how you think, and they’ll write about all the things that other women want to read. You wouldn’t be that interested in fantasy written by men. Too much violence, too dark. Really, it’s in your best interests if you just go with fantasy written by other women.

~ Science fiction? No, no, honey, you’re not getting it. That stuff’s filled with spaceships and laser battles and all kinds of complicated technology and war and stuff. There’s nothing there was would interest you. Look, here’s a nice paranormal romance about werewolves! Wouldn’t you like that more?


~ This is a controversial and touchy subject, but when you get right down to it, cosplay is the best part of geekdom, and girls are absolutely encouraged to participate. Girls love to dress up, after all, and this gives them a great chance to pretend to be their favourite magical girl or healer.

~ It’s going to happen that you’re going to dress up as a sexy character, and boys around you are going to appreciate it. A lot. Vocally. Sometimes physically. This is okay, and girls should expect it and play along when it happens. If you object to this kind of behaviour, then you’re setting a bad example for others, and causing a great deal of confusion. If you didn’t want people to view you as a sex object, then you shouldn’t have dressed up as a sexy character.

~ And while we’re on the subject, do remember to cosplay within your body type. Girls are very concerned with their images, and Sailor Moon was never meant to have rolls of fat on her stomach and thighs. If you don’t cosplay characters within your body range, then you’re cosplaying badly.

Collectible Card Games

~ Do girls even play these? Well, maybe a couple. The weird ones. Best to steer clear of these games; they’re usually too complicated for girls to play well anyway.

TV and Movies

~ There are plenty of offerings on TV for geek girls these days. Shows like the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, and even Supernatural. These shows either tackle the hard-hitting issues that girls experience (like romance and fashion) or else contain a large number of attractive men for women to ogle.

~ Sci-fi shows like Stargate or Battlestar Galactica don’t have much to appeal to women, because of the scientific content inherent to sci-fi.

~ There are many movies these days that are great for girls because they’ve got a good blend of strong female role models and romance. And women will be happy because now they don’t have to sit through the more action-oriented sci-fi that their boyfriends always want to watch whenever movies are discussed. If presented with the choice of watching World War Z or The Mortal Instruments, you know which one to pick.


~ Geek girls come in two varieties. There are fat ugly unpopular girls, who got into geek culture because no other high school clique would have them. And there are pretty girls, who contain the largest percentage of fake geek girls but are far more pleasing to look at. These groups have rigid boundaries and there’s no crossover. Ugly girls, stop trying to make yourself look good. Pretty girls, stop pretending that those are real glasses.

Hard though it is to accept, geekdom, like any other aspect of life, comes with its own set of rules and etiquette, and in order to keep everything running smoothly, you have to be aware of when you’re about to step out of bounds. If you can remember to follow these guidelines, you’re going to have a much more enjoyable geeky experience.

15 comments on “What a Girl Wants: What girls in geekdom are allowed to do.

    • Oh no, definite sarcasm. This whole thing came from a discussion with a friend about the situations in which girls are called “fake geek girls,” leading to a discussion about what’s deemed more ‘appropriate’ in geekdom for girls to get into without fear of recriminations. Ultimately it boiled down to unpleasant stereotypes and restrictions, and why people tend to think that way.

  1. I love it!

    “The jury’s still out on whether girls enjoy games like Skyrim” — EVERYONE enjoys Skyrim, even when they don’t want to. It’s just that kind of a game.

    • It IS a pretty damn awesome game! And with the expansions, there’s enough content to keep a person busy for months!

      As evidenced by the fact that my roommate has clocked a truly insane number of hours on it. :p

    • I am too scared to start playing, for fear of losing a year of my life and becoming a shut in like I used to be with WoW…

  2. Oh jeez then I’m the manliest geek girl around…I’m all about the mecha anime (like the fluffy ones too) hehe but yes I do crush hard on those pretty anime boys…I would never like a pretty boy in real life so what the heck is the deal there? science! woot give me some science fiction – can we say Farscape! I own Skyrim – I’m hesitant to start it because like Angela – I became a total shut in with Wow – my husband teezed me I would turn into Cartman from South Park. haha!

    • It’s kind of a shame that Skyrim isn’t available for any portable systems. At least then we’d all be able to go outside and soak up some sun while we kick the crap out of the bad guys!

      • Ha, you and me both! I got a slight sunburn on my face just from being out for half an hour the other day! Of course, that might be partially the fault of some of the medications I’m taking, but I still burn really easily at the best of times, and am always pale.

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