April in review

For really only just having gotten back into the blogging game this month, I think I did pretty dang well. Especially considering the health crap I keep running up against, and the fact that I ended up spending a few days in the hospital to boot. (Have you ever tried getting any serious reading done in the hospital? While you’re hooked up to awkward IVs? It’s not easy, trust me.) I’m whittling down the number of reviews that were backlogged while I took my gigantic hiatus at the beginning of the year, and I’m feeling pretty accomplished, over all.

April’s reviews

Take a Thief, by Mercedes Lackey
Another: volume 1, by Ayatsuji Yukito
Son, by Lois Lowry
Brightly Burning, by Mercedes Lackey
The Tainted City, by Courtney Schafer
Indigo Springs, by A M Dellamonica

In addition to reviews, I also wrote about the state of things in regard to Night Shade Books (twice!), and had a fandrogyne moment over finding out that The Last Unicorn was having a gigantic movie tour. I also ran DNF Week, which highlighted certain books I had tried to read but couldn’t finish, along with my reasons for not finishing them and my thoughts on DNF reviews in general.

Looking forward

I wish I could honestly say what May is going to bring when it comes to content here. I can guarantee 3 more reviews (which have already been written and scheduled), but I’ll be checking back into the hospital on May 15 for major surgery (2 weeks from tomorrow…), and won’t exactly be up to posting much. I put out the call for guest posts, but so far only 3 people have said maybe, and that still leaves me about 15 posts short of the time I expect to be completely out of commission. If you want to have the chance at a guest post here, please email me at bibliotropic.reviews@gmail.com and let me know. I’d really appreciate it.

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