DNF Week wrap-up

So I said back in the beginning of this that if I’d forced myself to sit through some really horrible books, then what I didn’t sit through must be pure crap.

Turns out that wasn’t quite true.

Some of it’s true. I’d wager that the holder of this distinguished award would be Twilight, since, as I said, it pretty much became the basis of my rating system. But as we’ve seen over the past week, some DNFs aren’t so simply because the book’s bad. Sometimes things just sat with me the wrong way. Sometimes it was a small thing that I just couldn’t quite get past. Sometimes I’m just a picky little so-and-so.

There are many reasons why a person can’t or doesn’t finish a book. And while I know many people think that not finishing a book means that the reader has no rights to write reviews on such, I disagree. I’ve always figured that the reasons I don’t finish a book are just as valid as the reasons I do. What are reviews for, after all, except to tell other people what we thought of a thing, why we liked it or didn’t like it, why someone else of similar taste might enjoy it or not enjoy it too. If I don’t finish a book, aren’t my reasons for why I didn’t finish understandable? Aren’t the somewhat the same as for someone who did finish it?

I don’t tend to do for DNF reviews here on Bibliotropic, mostly because if I did, I’d be spending even more of my time writing than I would spend reading. But I figure a DNF review has its place, and can influence potential readers as much as any review can. Bring ’em on, I say! Tell me why something rubbed you the wrong way enough that you couldn’t finish it. Tell me why it bored you!

Chances are, you’re not the only one.

So what do you think of DNF reviews, anyway? Do you write them? Read them? Think they have no place in the reviewing world? ‘d love to know your opinions on the matter.

3 comments on “DNF Week wrap-up

  1. I’ve been fortunate enough to finish my books. Although I’ve had a few that after I finish I think I really should have just put it down. lol. But I agree, sometimes a book feels wrong with you so it’s important to know. Others might find the same, but you know then for future.

  2. I totally think they have their place. I don’t tend to write them only because there aren’t many books I DNF. Usually I force my way through then or at a later time then write a review. Oo boy can those be scathing sometimes. Yes I will read them because heck – they bring up completely valid points!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks that way. It really seems like DNF reviews are surprisingly controversial among bloggers, but like you say, I’ve always thought that so long as someone outlines why they didn’t finish the book, those opinions are just as valid as the ones they’d have if they did finish it.

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