3 units of blood…

…2 ultrasounds, and a partridge in a pear tree tumour growing faster than it should.

On Tuesday morning, I went to the ER, because after the precedure I had done on April 5, things weren’t so much not getting better as they were steadily getting worse. After baffling 2 ER doctors and overhearing the sympathy of a couple of nurses, I was admitted. Like, actually registered as a patient staying overnight in a ward.

Kinda freaked me out.

They said it was mostly a precaution, and at the very least I’d been seriously anemic long enough that they wanted to make good and sure that I finally got a transfusion. Considering that for the past few months, if I walk 20 feet my heart starts to race and I get short of breath, that was fine by me. Finding out that the anemia caused a small heart murmur just sealed the deal.

So I spent Tuesday night getting absolutely no sleep while they gave me 2 units of blood and had to check my vitals every hour to make sure that I wasn’t having a negative reaction to it.

On the upside, I found out my blood type. Finally! Turns out I’m O-, which is both good and bad. Good for me, because… well… erm… they gave me blood. Okay, in actuality, it’s not the best. O- is the stuff that can be received by all blood types because it has none of the crazy antigens and such that will react badly with your natural blood type. It’s the stuff they give emergency victims before they’ve had a chance to tke a few hours to properly type-match them. It’s in constant demand, and they’re always running out of the stuff.

Not surprising, when only about 6% of North Americans have that blood type.

And due to circumstances related to me having lived in England during a small part of the beginnings of the Mad Cow scare, I’m not allowed to donate blood so that other people can make use of the same stuff that I ended up needing. It was bad enough before, knowing that I couldn’t donate, but knowing that I can’t and they always need that stuff is just a real kick in the pants. :/

Anyway, day 2 consisted of me getting 2 ultrasounds and a x-ray to discover that the initial procedure I had done? Failed. And the reason it took so many images to discover that is because that pesky tumour has apparently grown by about 40% in the past 6 months, and is now large enough that it kept obscuring the ultrasound. it’s now 10 centimetres in diametre, and has pushed a few things out of place enough that it can actually be felt through the fleshiest part of my stomach.

I just… What the hell do you say upon finding out something like that?

Fortunately, this spurred the specialist I’ve been seeing into stopping dicking around with ‘reversible’ treatments and instead just let me opt for a more major surgery that will remove the tumour. And since that thing apparently has a ton of blood vessels feeding it, if she removes it and can’t stop the bleeding well enough, she might have to take my uterus while she’s at it.

No skin off my back, really, since it’s not like I even want to use that organ or even appreciate having it around.

Still waiting for the surgery date. Once it all happens, I should be in the hospital for a few days after being cut into, then sent home to rest for 4 weeks before I’ll be able to return to work. I’m missing so much time this year, but at least after this, if all goes well, I should be able to get back to a normal life in a few months, and start actually enjoying said normal life once again. For a year and a half now I haven’t been able to reliably attend my job, or leave the house for longer than half an hour, or even stand up straight on some of the really bad days. It’ll be nice to have this all over with.

So that’s the state of things. More news when I have it. I’m sorely tempted to reach out to people and see if they’ll write guest posts for the time I’ll be convalenscing, instead of busting my butt to write a whole load more reviews in advance. But we’ll see how it all goes.

4 comments on “3 units of blood…

  1. A. Omg, suck city. Maybe you’ll feel well enough to read during your 4 weeks?

    B. I would be happy to volunteer a guest post or multiple if you decide you want some <3

    • It does indeed suck. Hopefully I’ll be able to read and such for part of the recovery, but from what everyone tells me, I might be too doped up on pain meds to concentrate much for the first little while.

      And ha, I was writing my reply to this and was about to say that I plan to put out the call for guest posts as soon as I get the surgery date. Then my doctor called to give me the surgery date! So tomorrow I’m going to write something up to spread around for collecting guest posters; I’d love to have you on board!

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