The Last Unicorn on the big screen!

Holy crap!

For anyone who saw and loved the animated movie of Peter S Beagle’s classic fantasy novel, The Last Unicorn, this is a real treat for you. The movie is being visually touched up, enhanced, and put on the big screen across the US and Canada. And possibly other places after that, but so far North America seems to be the big focus.

The chance to see one of my favourite animated fantasy movies in theatres? Sign me up!

And better than that, since it’s a tour instead of just a rerelease, Peter Beagle is going to be at the theatres. In person. Signing books.

Please excuse my fandrogynous squee!

I don’t hold out much hope that my local movie theatre will be one that’s included in the tour. This entire province usually gets skipped over when it comes to big events. But for this, I’m willing to travel. And will make sure I’m able to travel. No way I’m missing this if I can help it!

Is this exciting to anyone else? Or am I just too big a fandrogyne for this movie?

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