I survived!

Yesterday’s surgery went, well, better than expected. I was in and out of these pretty quickly, didn’t experience any major pain and absolutely no nausea, which I’m happy about. The nurses were all awesome, as were the doctors.

The only thing that really got me annoyed was hearing from the nurses that yes, my reaction to that drug I mentioned in my last post seems to be almost universal, and no, it seems that doctors never do bother to warn anyone about it. That needs to change. It’s bad enough going through the side effects at all, but to have them sprung on a person with no warning! I stupidly trusted my doctor and the pharmacist when they said there was nothing to worry about. It’s a sad thing when what I’ve learned from all this is that I can’t fully trust the people who take my health into their hands.

But other than that, it all went well. Hopefully over the coming weeks and months I’ll be able to see if it not only went well but was actually successful, and my life can start getting back to normal.

Thanks for any well-wishes sent!

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