October recap

Surprisingly, I actually reviewed every single book I set out to review this past month, with one extra! Not too shabby! Considering I got some bad news partway through the month that really threw me out of the reading groove, and also considering that I’ve been busting my butt trying to do a video game self-challenge, I’d have to say that I did pretty well, all things considered.


The Assassin’s Curse, by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Sunset, by Erin Hunter
Owlsight, by Mercedes Lackey
, by Mercedes Lackey
Ashen Winter, by Mike Mullin
Crewel, by Gennifer Albin
Diverse Energies, by various authors

I also wrote a post on childhood fears, for Halloween, and covered the cover art for Cassandra Rose Clarke’s sequel to The Assassin’s Curse, titled The Pirate’s Wish. And let’s not forget the discussion on fluff reads and guilty-pleasure reads, too.

November’s Plans

November’s plans are going to be a bit more sparse than October’s. That’s because I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, which cuts into my reading time. Now, I’ll grant you, my typing speed is such that meeting my wordcount goals is likely only going to cut an hour out of my day, but that’s still a significant chunk of time in which I might otherwise be reading or blogging. So there may not be as many reviews up next month.

I am, however, going to keep people aprised of my progress for NaNo. Feel free to skip those posts if you’re not interested.

As for the reviews, here are the books I’m going to make a real effort to read and write reviews for:

Two and Tweny Dark Tales, by various authors
The Tainted City, by Courtney Schafer
Knife Sworn, by Mazarkis Williams
Brightly Burning, by Mercedes Lackey

Beyond that, I make no promises. If I don’t get through more than that, though, even a review a week is something, and it beats putting the whole blog on hiatus while I write my brains out!

Is anyone else going to be doing NaNo this year? Will you be sharing your progress on your blog, or keeping silent about it? How do you balance your reading and your writing when it comes to this challenge?

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