Playing Catch-Up

I’ve fallen behind in my reviews again. Sigh. It seems that no sooner do I get caught up than something happens to delay everything and then zoom, back down to the bottom with a growing stack of reviews to write and an even more quickly-growing stack of books to read.
So I’m going to take a little detox time. Instead of spending August trying to keep ahead of the game, reading the new releases and soon-to-be-releases, I’m going to step back and only read books that are out already. I know that I do review older books on this blog quite often, but this is a little different. You see, my ARC pile is, well, threatening to take over everything. And some ARCs I’d skip reading, not because I wasn’t interested, but because the release date had passed and I felt that I should tackle books that still were upcoming, to keep the content fresh.
Screw that noice! That’s part of what made me fall behind in the first place. Too much pushing ahead and not enough going at my own pace.

So August will be Flashback Month. The month during which I pick books that have been on the review pile for a while, that ended up being passed over for lack of time. Well now I’m making time! Expect to see some coverage of a good few books that came out in the past year or so that, for one reason or another, didn’t get their timely reviews here.

Forward with going backward!

One comment on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Here here! I approve. I actually have a secret: I never pay attention to release dates. I figure that if I’m a little after the release date, that’ll just let readers go buy a book right away! And there is no way that I could enforce a strict schedule on myself and actually persevere with book blogging, too stressful!

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