The starting of Warriors Wednesday

Recently, I was struck by the urge to reread Erin Hunter’s Warriors books. As much as they’re not the usual fare for this blog (I did review one of them here once, though), I still very much enjoy the series, and definitely think that they’re more interesting than a lot of people give them credit for. And they do have a fantasy bent to them. It isn’t a strong one, but there are definitely supernatural elements at work in the world that was created around clans of feral cats.

And since I’m so behind on my reading goals this year, rereading (and finally properly reviewing) this series will help a lot. But to keep this blog from being inundated with posts about the series (they’re short books, and I can get through a few of them in a day if I’m not doing much else), I’m going to start a new feature here. Warriors Wednesdays, which will continue until I’ve reviewed all the books in the series.

Or at least all of the ones that I have.

And so if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and write up the first review. Expect it here in an hour or so.

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