Still alive!

I intended to come at the beginning of April. Then… I didn’t. To be honest, I’ve head about a book and a half over the last month. In spite of being off work, my time has somehow managed to get even more limited.

Well, I say “somehow”, but I basically know it’s because I got distracted with working on making handmade items for sale in my new Etsy store. Crafts run in my blood, and I wanted to do more of them. And with the sheer amount of stuff I tend to make that I don’t have any particular need for myself, opening a store to sell them seemed like the best idea. Check it out if you want to see all the bookmarks and stuff that have kept me busy.

That, plus the fact that recent events in my life have pretty much resulted in me being on more medication, plus having to go to psychiatric therapy once a week for the foreseeable future… The lack of money (my EI benefits only just kicked in today, and I was off work since the middle of January) on top of it all made for a stressful situation overall, and more often than not, I felt like making things with my hands so that I could just feel useful again. Not conducive to a relaxing reading environment.

Anyway, I have been once again bitten by the reading bug, so my return to the world of books and reviewing isn’t too far off. I appreciate your patience, and hope to start trolling your blogs again soon.

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