I’m a bad bad blogger

More specifically, I’m a bad bad reader, at least this week. You know, this weeks I’ve read… about a quarter of a book. Seriously. The rest of my times has been spent getting completely distracted by Cracked and back episodes of Nostalgia Critic (and Bum Reviews, too). Sometimes I’ll be knitting. I just don’t seem to have my head screwed on this week, and I feel bad for it.

I haven’t even posted some random opinion piece. The closest to that I’ve come is talking with my roommate about how it might be fun to start a website listing all the inconsistancies in the Valdemar books, making mentions of all the statement from early books that never get addressed later or get completely countermanded by later revelations.

Sad, I know.

I’ll try harder next week, I really will. There are so many books coming out this month, and really, I should be working a little bit harder to get through more of them. Especially because it’s not like I’m not enjoying what I’m reading.

Guess I just lacked motivation this week. A couple of times, I was seriously considering packing in the book reviews alltogether. I have more than enough books to read at my leisure, I could read more off-genre stuff without feeling like my blog is suffering for it, and I could focus more on other projects that I have in mind. But I ultimately decided against that. I’ve invested over two years in this blog, and while it’s never going to become one of the more popular ones around, it’s still been a labour of love for me, and I don’t want to leave that behing just because I’m having an off week and because I’ve found other things that I enjoy doing.

Just got to get back in the saddle!

2 comments on “I’m a bad bad blogger

  1. I know how you feel, but don't let it get the better of you. We're still here and if you went away it would such. Besides, I know a good few bloggers who post for the sake of posting and their credibility suffers for it. Some days there's nothing to blog about.

  2. Hey, don't worry about it! Goodness. We all have weeks, or more, that just are difficult to get here on our own blogs let alone trying to keep up with the rest of the world. :) You are still on my list to visit, so take your time. :) And don't mind me when I get swamped at home with mundane stuff all the same. ;) Take care!

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