In my Mailbox

This week has been the week of annoyance, pain, sickness, and a load of general crap. Quite honestly, I’m glad it’s over, and I hope I can get my life back to something approaching normal ASAP.

And in the spirit of that, here’s a run-down of the books I acquired during the past 7 days. May they bring normalcy and entertainment!

Will McIntosh’s Hitchers, which is the story of a man possessed by the spirit of his deceased grandfather. This book sounds like it could easily straddle the line between hilarious and chilling, and so I’m quite excited to have the chance to read it. Published by the ever-wonderful Night Shade books.

Jennifer Safrey’s Tooth and Nail. Also published by Night Shade, this book centres around the story of a woman who discovers that she’s half tooth-fairy. Yes, you read that right. I’m particularly interested in this one, because the plot sounds little different than what you could find in a hundred and one YA novels, but is actually intended for an older audience, and I’m quite curious as to how that story will work out. It could go either way, really, and either be badly done, or perhaps brilliant. I’m of course hoping for the latter.

Michael Bedard’s The Green Man looks like a fairly simple but interesting piece of mid-grade fantasy that likely won’t take too long for me to read through. My attention was caught by the cover and title, because of my interest in pagan mythologies. The fact that it’s by a Canadian author doesn’t hurt either, since I do enjoy lending support to more local authors when I can.

And that’s my haul for this past week. Three books in, and as you’ll see from the upcoming reviews, three books out, too. I think I struck a nice balance, really. Hope I can keep up that balance in the future!

What did you all get in your mailboxes this week? I want to know who and what I have to be envious of!

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