Never catching a break

Taking a moment for some slight personal ranting here. Remember how I mentioned earlier that I collapsed at work last week? Well, I’ve still been sick, which isn’t too surprising, and I got a doctor’s note excusing me from work until Thursday, giving me some nice time to rest.

Today, I got a call from HR, telling me that for liability and safety reasons, they won’t actually let me return to work until I have a note from my doctor clearing me to come back. Having a note excuse me for a certain period isn’t enough.

I can appreciate their concerns. I mean, when an employee collapses and has to be hauled out in an ambulance, it doesn’t exactly make for a happy comfy atmosphere. And if I’m not okay to return to work, they do have the right to know. So I can see where they’re coming from. And considering the doctor at the hospital was worried that the problem might be related to my heart, confirming that I can handle my work duties really isn’t too much to ask, and I can see that.

I was all set to return to work on Thursday morning and start catching up on everything I’d missed. The problem? The earliest I can get an appointment for is noon on Thursday, meaning that even if I get cleared to come back (and I probably will, all things considered), I’ll only be able to get half a shift in at best.

Go figure this all happens at this time of year, when I still have rent and bills to pay and holidays gifts to buy for people. Money’s going to be very tight for the next month or so, it seems. I missed time last week due to collapsing. I missed time the week before that because I sprained my ankle, and WorkSafe won’t cover that time because the time I had to take off was less than 60% of my regular work week. (I guess they figure that everyone can miss three days of pay and be fine…) This week, I’ll be missing about three and a half days…

On top of it all, a fuse blew and now I can’t use my stove or drier, meaning I have very few clean clothes, and can’t actually cook anything. *headdesk*

I don’t mean to be all complainy. I am thankful, at least, that I still have a job to return to, because some places I’ve worked for in the past would be, shall we say, less than lenient with me injuring myself and getting very sick. But it’s all such bad timing and it’s frustrating enough that getting through the next month seems like a huge chore…

I guess one good thing will come out of it. Next week should be a good week for reviews, since I’d had more time in which to read these past few days. Got to look on the bright side, right?

Thanks for listening to me rant, guys. Much appreciated.

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