Bibliobabble (3)

So, what have I found interesting in the book-and-blog world this past week?

* NPR’s top 100 science fiction and fantasy novels. This one’s been making the rounds lately, and there’s been plenty of disagreement to go with it. Regardless of whether you agree with the books on the list, it’s certainly interesting to see what other people are considering the top 100 of the genres.

* Monday is the last day to enter to win an e-copy of J L Bryan’s Jenny Pox. Don’t miss your chance! (You don’t even have to be a follower of this blog to qualify!)

* The prologue and first 6 chapters of Brandon Sanderson’s The Alloy of Law is available for a free preview on right now. This is part of a series that I own but have yet to read, but I still figure it’s worth passing the news along in case anybody else is interested.

* Tor/Forge is giving away Terry Goodkind prizepacks if you sign up for a newsletter. In spite of the fact that I’m a little too north of a certain border to be eligible for this contest, I know that I’ve got a few US readers who might be interested, so consider the word spread!

So what’s going to be coming here next week? Announcing the contest winner, likely yet another contest, and reviews of Courtney Schafer’s The Whitefire Crossing and Robison Wells’s Variant. Also a post about the differences between male- and female-oriented YA speculative fiction, which I’ve been sitting on for a few days now. I’ll also get back to “I Would Read That”, a series of posts about video games that I believe would make fantastic novels if somebody took the time to write them.

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