Bibliobabble (1)

Bibliobabble – all the book news that’s fit to ramble on about.

* Amanda of Floor to Ceiling Books is having a mega summer giveaway through her blog right now. Open internationally, there are 6 different prize packs to be won, all containing some very awesome fantasy and/or speculative books. Don’t miss your chance to get into this giveaway!

* News fresh from Gav Reads, Gollancz announces their new SF Gateway, which will make thoudsands of out-of-print titles by classic SF authors available as ebooks. Thousands! Are you as excited about that as I am? Check out the entire press release on Gav’s blog, along with a list of the authors whose books will be involved in this amazing project!

* Casey at The Bookish Type does a comparison of old and new covers from Lauren Oliver’s Delirium. Personally, I prefer the old covers, the ones that have the title as the main focus rather than the image of a girl. The redesigned covers make this series nigh indistinguishable from every other female-oriented YA novel on the bookshelves. The old covers may not have been as “pretty”, but they were eye-catching in their simplicity, their emphasis on words rather than pictures.

* We’re getting down to the wire for the fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. The donation link problem has been fixed now. Just remember, prizes for this will be shipped internationally, and you only need to donate a single dollar to qualify for an entry. I’m giving away 5 books and a handmade bookmark, and each donation will go toward research and assistance for those who really need it. If you can donate just a little, please consider doing so.

Coming Up

What’s coming up for Bibliotropic next week? Another celebration of the books I received this past week, for one thing. With any luck, another Bibliobabble will be posted next Friday, with a run-down of the week’s book news that I found particularly interesting.

Also, definite reviews of Suzanne Collins’s Mockingjay and Julie Karr’s XVI. Possible Wayne Barlowe’s God’s Demon, too, but since it’s been a bit of a slow reading week, I can’t count on that one being read for review so quickly. But I’ll try.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Happy reading!

2 comments on “Bibliobabble (1)

  1. Mervih,

    It would suck if the books are US only. Sometimes Canada gets included in that list, but it's even odds on whether or not that will happen, really. I do hope they get releases outside the States!

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