Freebies abound!

Smashwords is having it’s Summer Sale between now and July 31, and there are some amazing discounts to be had. For example, following the link above will lead you right to their “longs” section (25,000 words and over) with a 100% rebate when you use code SSWSF at the checkout. If you enjoy self-published novels or want a good chance to give some of them a try, now’s your chance for big savings and a whole load of new e-books. Don’t miss out!

(Keep in mind, the list of books with a 100% rebate is not short. It is, in fact, a whopping 64 pages long! Set aside some time to go through them all and see what’s there that you might like. What do you have to lose?)

(And for the curious, I combed through only 35 pages of books and made out with around $100 in e-books for absolutely no charge at all, thanks to this sale. Seriously, check it out before the end of the month. There’s bound to be something there that you’ll enjoy!)

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