In My Mailbox

This week was an awesome for received books, both physical and e-. I got a nice package from Amazon (let’s hear it for all the certificates I earned through Swagbucks; I swear they’ve done wonders for enhancing my library), which arrived sooner than I expected it to, so that was a nice treat.

I know I read and reviewed Forbidden a while ago, but this book featured one of those rare cases where an e-ARC just wasn’t enough, and I had to go and buy myself a physical copy to have and to hold.

The reason I bought The Castings Trilogy is because I have a copy of Ember and Ash (thanks to NetGalley), and even though it’s a standalone it’s still set in the same world, and I like to read things in order. The whole thing, over 1200 pages long, cost me only about $10, so I wasn’t about to turn down a deal like that!

Then there are the e-books. I got the following batch from Night Shade Books, via NetGalley:

Most are of a more serious bent, but I couldn’t resist a little Twilight mockery and satire with a copy of The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten. My hope is that it doesn’t do what some satire does and just start making fun of everything just for the sake of making fun of it. When that happens, I find things feel too forced and unejoyable to read.

I also bought myself the e-book edition of Philippa Ballantine’s Chasing the Bard. It was only 99 cents, and while I haven’t read much of her work yet, I’ve enjoyed what little I did read and am eager to see more, so this seemed like a good opportunity.

And that’s what I got for myself this week. My only regret is that I’m back at work now and don’t have as much time to read the way I did last month. I was averaging 4 books a week for a while, and now that I’m back to working full-time, I’ll probably be able to manage 2, but we’ll see what happens. Can’t bring my Kindle to work with me, though, since there’ve been some thefts there lately and I don’t trust security in that place. I do not want my Kindle to go walk-about!

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