Fail Harder, by the community

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Publication date – September 5, 2011

Summary: (Taken from GoodReads) FAIL Harder follows the hilarious best-seller Fail Nation to showcase 200 original full-color photos of world-wide FAILS based on the popular website, the most visited member of the Cheezburger Network.

So what qualifies as a FAIL? How about a nursery outfitted with a gun rack hanging over the baby’s crib? Perhaps the equation, “E=MC3” written on a classroom’s write/erase board. What about a trifecta of beauty parlor, chain saw repair, and nightclub housed inside an all-in-one-stop shop?

Classic FAILs like these are presented in more than 15 different categories, including At Home, In A Relationship, On the Job, and With Your Pets.

If you must FAIL, FAIL Harder.

Thoughts: While I do think it’s great that the failblog community has grown to such proportions as to release photobooks of the site’s content, I have to see that a good percentage of the images shown in Fail Harder were ones that I distinctly remember seeing on the website. Without having to pay for. Which automatically means that those who buy this book are most likely going to be ones who mostly want to support the community and the project, rather than those seeking something new.

That being said, I’m someone who heartily approves of supporting the community, so this doesn’t seem like a money-making scheme from those who run the site. As much as I’m sure I could find all the images in the book for free online, going through the site’s archives would be a pain (albeit an often-hilarious pain), and it’s nice to see some of the best of the worst contained in one place.

The images were of high quality and most of them were worth a chuckle, such as a bottle of wine that advertised that it was both “made in France” and “made in Spain,” or the sign attached to edutainment software that stated the games were “so much fun they won’t even know their learning.” Much like the site itself, though, there were a few “failed fails” in here, ones that were obviously posed shots or even obvious Photoshopping jobs. But overall, the quality was good, and it has far more hits than misses.

As said previously, this one is definitely for fans of failblog who want to support the community. Others can probably give it a miss, or else visit the site itself for free versions of what this book contains.

(Received for review from the publisher via NetGalley.)

One comment on “Fail Harder, by the community

  1. haha, didn't know this existed, will probably have to get it for my dad who loves watching failblog. I'll admit, I've cried a couple of times from laughing so hard from some of the things people get into.

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