Dexterity is my friend!

I just got back from my hospital appointment to have my broken finger examined. Thankfully, I don’t need any surgery on it, which is something I’m happy about. Not having to have my hand sliced into in order to pin back bone fragments is a good thing, in my book.

I am, however, off work for another week, so there’s at least one more week of very regular posting before I return to my more sporadic schedule that I had pre-injury. Still, I’ll try to keep something of a more constant flow of content and hope that I don’t get burned out or anything.

And with any luck, soon after I return to work, it’ll be time to leave again for my new job. And hopefully that new job will allow me to do things like bringing books to read during the slow periods. But we shall see. Right now, I’m just happy to have this next week as a sort of free week while I focus on my physio and recovery so I can regain my regular life again.

Celebrate with me, friends! Let’s do the dance of “No Surgery!” (Can’t tell I’m pleased about that, can you?)

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